A man lies and dreams of green fields and rivers

- Pink Floyd



Himraj Soin

Himraj Soin is the Co-Founder and Producer at The Outdoor Journal, helping launch it in 2012. An avid skier and climber who studied at Colorado College, he is also a National Geographic Student Expedition leader, leading educational trips in different parts of the world, while teaching photography. His expeditions have taken him to Tibet, Mongolia, Bhutan, Borneo, Madagascar, Peru, Morocco, Namibia, Argentina, Chile, Siberia, New Zealand and Antarctica, amongst others. He writes, shoots and covers international travel destinations, conservation issues, extreme adventure sports, athletes, gear, maps, and more. He has been published in Vogue, Vice, Runner’s World, National Geographic Traveller India, Reader’s Digest UK and The Outdoor Journal. You can find him on Instagram @himrajsoin.

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