The mountains are calling and I must go, and I will work on while I can, studying incessantly.

- John Muir

Jahnvi Pananchikal

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Jahnvi Pananchikal

An advocate of community living and sustainable development. Jahnvi Pananchikal believes in sharing love, respecting the environment and promoting the creative arts. Her instagram account documents encounters with rural and urban India, occasionally elaborated on her blog. After studying in Norway and USA for seven years, Jahnvi spent four years promoting impact-driven educational institutions and start-ups in India. Now as a freelance writer, she writes on adventure and gender diversity for The Outdoor Journal, crafts brand stories for committed entrepreneurs, shares insights on the purpose of traveling, creates children stories on life skills, and writes about issues relating to gender, culture, sustainability and art.

Latest articles

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Elephants need a natural environment to live healthy and sustain their population.

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The Remarkable Motorsport Team Who Swam to Save Lives During the Kerala Floods

A pregnant woman sent out an emergency call during Kerala floods and AT Rovers, a motorsport and adventure team, were on their way - Swimming 12km at a time.

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“How did you do it? But you're really young!” That was what Priyanka Mangesh Mohite began to hear, when she told people about her successful ascent of the planet’s highest mountain.

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