The mountains are calling and I must go, and I will work on while I can, studying incessantly.

- John Muir

Sarah Kingdom


Sarah Kingdom

Travel writer, mountain guide and mother. Sarah Kingdom was born and brought up in Sydney, Australia. Coming to Africa at 21 she fell in love with the continent and stayed. Sarah guides on Kilimanjaro several times a year, and has lost count of how many times she has stood on the roof of Africa. She has climbed and guided throughout the Himalayas and now spends most of her time visiting remote places in Africa. When she is not traveling she runs a cattle ranch in Zambia with her husband.

Latest articles

Climbing for a Cause: Returning to Kilimanjaro for Elephant Conservation

This wasn’t my first time up Kilimanjaro and it won’t be my last, but it was the first time I had climbed with a team so passionate about the cause they were climbing to raise funds for… elephant conservation.

The Bale Mountains: Formed by Fire and Ice

Located in southeastern Ethiopia, 400km from Addis Ababa, the Bale Mountains are a landscape created by volcanic fires and shaped by glacial ice.

Livingstone and The Victoria Falls: “The Most Wonderful Sight”

"Creeping with awe to the verge, I peered down into a large rent which had been made from bank to bank of the broad Zambezi, and saw that a stream of a thousand yards broad leaped down a hundred feet and then became suddenly compressed into a space of fifteen to twenty yards....the most wonderful sight I had witnessed in Africa."

Zimbabwe Revisited: A Return to Hwange National Park, 30 Years Later

Thirty odd years ago, as a gawky, gangly girl in my early teens, complete with orthodontic braces and a tomboy haircut, I had come from Australia, with my family, on my first African safari.

Aerial Survey of Kafue National Park Suggests Great Progress in the Fight for Conservation

The Kafue National Park, is Zambia’s oldest and largest national park and one of the continent’s wildest.

Sarah Kingdom Supports

The Askari Project

The Askari Project has been set up to raise funding and support for elephant conservation and the protection of some of the last Great Tuskers of Africa. This funding and support will be directed to the operations and on the ground efforts of The Tsavo Trust.

Conservation Lower Zambezi

Conservation Lower Zambezi (CLZ) is a non-profit organisation committed to the protection of wildlife and to the sustainable use of natural resources in the Lower Zambezi in Zambia.

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