A true conservationist is a man who knows that the world is not given by his fathers, but borrowed from his children.

- John James Audubon

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Simon Fowler

Simon comes from Gloucestershire in the west of England. After finishing school Simon studied the technical aspects of the theatre and stage design at Bristol Old Vic Theatre School. After a seven year career in the Theatre Simon went on to start his own company in the corporate events industry. Over a period of thirty plus years Simon has worked and produced events in forty four countries for corporate and sports clients as well as International government events. Simon has two children Jasmine 27 and JamieJon 24 both living in the UK. Sailing has always been part of Simon’s life from the age of eight when he learnt to sail with his farther. Simon has owned four yachts previously ranging in size from 27’ to 36’. He use to sail the south coast of the UK, the Channels Islands and the north coast of France. Carla and Simon met during the summer of 2015 and were married in Barbados January 2017. Two days later Carla suggested they sale the house, buy a boat and sail the seven seas. In March 2018 they did just that.

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