Inveniam viam aut faciam

- Hannibal Barca

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Victor Galaz

Galaz is also a programme director at the Beijer Institute for its programme Governance and Complexity as well as senior academy fellow at the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences where he co-leads the programme Global Economic Dynamic and the Biosphere's work on financial systems, and their connection to large-scale environmental change with global non-linear climate repercussions. Galaz has extensive experience as research leader in interdisciplinary projects exploring various dimensions of complex adaptive systems from his work as research theme leader (years 2006-2015) at the Stockholm Resilience Centre; Deputy Science Director at the Stockholm Resilience Centre; Acting Executive Director (2014-2015) at the Royal Swedish Academy; project leader for the project “Earth system finance” (2016-ongoing); co-lead of the Lancet Commission on Human Health and Climate Change (2013-2015), Researcher and theme leader in the international research consortium Dynamic Drivers of Disease in Africa (DDDAC), together with STEPS Centre (UK), Institute for Development Studies (UK) and others (2012-2016); Member of the Convention on Biological Diversity Liaison Expert group on geo-engineering (2011-2012); and Advisor to the EU High-Level Group on Innovation Policy Management (2017).

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