The Entire World is a Family

- Maha Upanishad

If you’ve ever unfolded a ski resort trail map and plotted your day on the mountain, you’ve probably got James Niehues (pronounced “Nee-hews”) to thank.

He doesn’t throw backflips and won’t feature in the next Warren Miller film, but he’s arguably the most ubiquitous name in skiing. [caption id="attachment_11464" align="aligncenter" width="6444"] James Niehues in his home studio in Parker, Colorado. Photo by Lindsay Pierce Martin.[/caption] The map-maker/artist extraordinaire goes by Jim, and he’s illustrated almost 200 ski resorts worldwide in resplendent detail. Equal parts art and atlas, his work effuses a passion and idiosyncrasy undeniably compatible with the world of snowsports. Every meticulously painted evergreen and the careful shading of cliffs and gullies are evidence of Niehue’s commitment to verisimilitude.

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