About Us

About Us

The Outdoor Journal is the world’s first global active lifestyle and adventure magazine, launching with a focus on India. Our mission is to provide readers, without compromise, the highest quality multimedia content from the adventure lifestyle, by those who pursue a life of outdoor sports, travel, fitness and health, nature and wilderness. 

Our stories are meant to be inspirational and instructional for the doer and aspirational for the armchair athlete. Our stories are an authentic voice of the outdoors, written and shot by athletes and journalists with a passion for their chosen field, in close collaboration with our editorial staff.

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The outdoors, adventure and new media transcend boundaries of nation, race, culture and language, yet existing publications around the world have traditionally limited their content by geographic and national interests. 

We have no such borders, apart from requiring that our submissions be in English. Today, the world is our playground. You could be snowboarding in the French Alps, surfing in India, paragliding in Nepal, trekking in Peru, or climbing in the US. It doesn’t matter where you come from. What matters is what you do and where you go. We cover it all. 

In our first few years we’re looking at an India slant, because it’s the only one of all the large economies in the world to not have an established outdoors magazine, despite a burgeoning population that’s increasingly interested in an active outdoor lifestyle. 

Led by our own team, we have an accomplished panel of international and local advisors and editorial contributors, including world-famous, accomplished luminaries such as Jimmy Chin, Dean Karnazes, Mandip Singh Soin, Mohit Oberoi among many others. Some of their profiles are listed below. 

A brief personal background: Starting a magazine like this is a dream project I’ve had for years. After various introductions to the sport, I chased my passion and started climbing seriously at the age of 18. Not too long after, in 2002, my mentor and I started the ClimbingIndia web forum in an attempt to spread the word to a new generation. But in a pre-Google era, only a brief decade after liberalization, the project was far too early for its time. 

I spent the subsequent years moving around the world, working as a travel writer and journalist, climbing, shooting, writing, travelling and getting published in media such as Climbing magazine (US), Triathlete’s World, L’Equipe, Outlook Traveller, Indian Mountaineer, The Australian, FRANCE24, Gizmodo, Maxim, Men’s Health, The Economic Times, The Sunday Guardian, Open, Smart Travel Asia among many others. 

I then moved to India a few months ago after many years living in France and the US. Today, the time is right. We launched our first issue in April 2013 and recently completed one year, to international accolade.

We’re doing multimedia reporting – our stories are articles, photos and videos all together, online, in print and on iPad. Please check out our submissions guidelines if you’d like to contribute, or spread the word.

If you have a great product or brand and would like to associate with us, please contact us directly. 

Join the adventure!

Apoorva Prasad, Founder & Editor-in-Chief
Apoorva Prasad, Founder & Editor-in-Chief