The Bübi bottle is a scrunchable refillable water bottle that can be used for waterproof storage, heating liquids, keeping hot or cold packs, and rolls up to fit snugly in your pocket. It is the perfect outdoor travel companion.

Made from highly flexible BPA free silicone, the lightweight Bübi bottle can collapse to either flatten and fit around your luggage or rolled up into the attached carabiner on the bottle. The astounding advantage of it being made from BPA free silicone, the bübi allows both freezing and boiling liquids inside the bottle without any harmful chemicals being released in the process.

0g3a1599Beyond being a container for hot and cold liquids, the bübi also doubles up as a dry-bag for protecting your valuables whilst being in contact with water.

The bübi bottle is an ideal companion for all outdoor enthusiasts, whether you are on a mountaineering expedition and need a hot or cold compress for those achy and swollen joints, or need a vessel to warm up some tea or soup. Alternatively, if you’re on a more leisurely vacation, the bübi bottle can be used to protect your phone and keys whilst splashing around in the water.

0g3a1596The bottle comes with a detachable carabiner. It is also dishwasher safe and reversible for cleaning.

The bottle comes in two sizes of 14 & 22oz and in a broad range of colours.Additional accessories are the sports grip and a sports cap with a non-leak spout.

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Images and review © Meesha Holley/ The Outdoor Journal

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