Will the Best Fictional Explorer Please Stand Up?

From comic strips to feature films, these characters in fiction have entertained us and taken us to explore a myriad of worlds unknown. Ranging from the exploits of the daring archeologist Indiana Jones to the expeditions undertaken by the hobbits of The Shire to a common childhood favourite, Dora the Explorer—we have accompanied these characters

Somewhat Miserable, Somewhat Fantastic

When we think of “death” we think permanence. The death of a coral reef, the death of a glacier, the death of a person, means they aren’t coming back. Ever.  In the caving world, however, when a cave “dies,” it only means the cave is over for humans. It gets too small, is filled with

Leading from the Edge of the World

Who would volunteer to spend an entire year living in isolation on the coldest, most remote continent on the planet? Stuck in extremely cramped living quarters in an inherently dangerous workplace environment with almost zero contact with the outside world – it sounds more like a punishment than a job. On second thought, with daily

My Wife Made Me Walk to the South Pole!

An Unexpected Visitor  One day at breakfast, my wife Jennifer says to me, “darling, have you ever thought of walking to the South Pole?” When you have been married for 40-some years and your wife says that to you at breakfast, the thing is not to answer too quickly. The way forward is actually to

The Karakoram Anomaly Project: Glaciers, Scientists, and Near-Death

This feature was first published in Issue 10 of  The Outdoor Journal in 2016.  Towards the border between China and Pakistan lies the spectacular valley of Hunza. Famed for its apricots, Hunza falls in the shadow of Rakaposhi, a 7,790m giant named after the mist that tumbles down its north face. In the northern reaches