Introducing Alone Across Antarctica: The Full Story and Controversy

On December 26, 2018, American Colin O’Brady completed a 54-day expedition across Antarctica, covering over 930 miles while hauling a 400-pound sled packed with all of his food and survival gear. O’Brady faced an ungodly windchill, the threat of unseen crevasses and utter isolation. In a head to head competition mirroring the race to the

Mike Horn: His Devotion to the ‘Mountain of Mountains’, and the Loves of His Life

Mike Horn does not need much of an introduction. From swimming the Amazon river to circumnavigating the world unmotorized, and crossing Antartica, his next challenge is never far away. Mike’s list of accomplishments as a solo explorer is unparalleled, and he was recently acknowledged as the “Explorer of the Decade”. The Outdoor Journal has been fortunate

Racing Across Namibia with Mike Horn

On 7th February 2017, Mike Horn, the legendary explorer, reached the end of Antarctica, completing a solo, unsupported 57-day trek across the great white continent. The Outdoor Journal Editor-in-Chief Apoorva Prasad recounts his time with the great adventurer, when he accompanied him during a part of his journey in Namibia earlier last year. This story appeared