Centimeters from Death: Mike Horn on Crossing the North Pole

It’s the final day of the expedition for Mike Horn, whether he makes it out alive or not. After pulling his supply sled through the cold for 87 days in the North Pole’s utter darkness, and with less than a day’s worth of food, the lights of the recovery ship are finally in sight. Horn

Alone Across Antarctica Part 4: Mike Horn’s Race Against Time

The Outdoor Journal’s 5-part series Alone Across Antarctica began with a breakdown of Colin O’Brady’s most recent world record attempt to cross Antarctica on a solo mission. In Part 2, Captain Louis Rudd explained what it took to survive his simultaneous 56-day journey. In Part 3, Børge Ousland recounted the first-ever solo crossing of Antarctica

Mike Horn: His Devotion to the ‘Mountain of Mountains’, and the Loves of His Life

Mike Horn does not need much of an introduction. From swimming the Amazon river to circumnavigating the world unmotorized, and crossing Antartica, his next challenge is never far away. Mike’s list of accomplishments as a solo explorer is unparalleled, and he was recently acknowledged as the “Explorer of the Decade”. The Outdoor Journal has been fortunate

Taming the Munga-Thirri Desert with Mike Horn

Crossing Earth’s biggest parallel dune desert, in the middle of Australia, with the world’s greatest explorer—Mike Horn. Riding in his trusty beast, a V8 Mercedes G500, I join his team for five days journeying into the Simpson Desert, and dig a little deeper into what makes him tick.