All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.

- JRR Tolkien




Our innovations are part of the history of snowshoeing.

Let the adventure begin! Head over to tsloutdoor.com to outfit your next winter trek.


PEOPLE : TSL OUTDOOR’s philosophies are friendliness, enthusiasm and respect for human values. Everyone in the company shares the same state of mind and the same motivation. Everyone acts in a completely open manner and has an acute sense of his responsibilities. This collective approach is the driving force behind the company’s success; we use it to serve our customers, for whom we design and make innovative products to meet their needs and requirements. HIGH-QUALITY PRODUCTS MADE IN FRANCE Since it was founded, TSL OUTDOOR has been concerned about sustainable development and makes its snowshoes in France. Customers enjoy the benefit of our proximity and reactivity as we have total control over our production (from plastic injection to final assembly). We’re competitive as a result of our know-how, modern production facilities and the innovative manufacturing processes developed by our team. Finally, the same winning formula (reactivity, proximity with the customer, awareness of needs) are reinforced for the North American continent via our two American and Canadian subsidiaries.



TSL Outdoor in Action

"The user’s stride has always had to adapt to the structure and shape of the snowshoe. But take a moment to imagine the opposite. Imagine that the snowshoe has to adapt to your foot, your stride, and the terrain in which you are walking. Imagine that each step is unrestricted... Imagine lightness, grip, and a totally natural foot movement during your winter walks... Imagine yourself quite simply in total symbiosis with nature. STOP! No need to imagine anymore... The product now exists... Remember the name: TSL SYMBIOZ." - TSL Outdoor

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