I am tormented with an everlasting itch for things remote

- Herman Melville




Making it easy for everyone to share outdoor experiences that celebrate life and strengthen connections.

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Founded in 2015, we're part of the new age of outdoor companies. Our gear is affordable, unique, and accessible. We strive to do good and invest a portion of our revenue into preserving wild spaces for generations to come. We are located in the beautiful Salt Lake Valley near the foot of the Wasatch mountains. While our roots are in our local trails, we've grown our love for places around the world, including the Ocean. Our team is diverse with people from across the country. Our hobbies include diving, mountain biking, climbing, hiking, and traveling. Try new things. Take loved ones with you. See the seldom seen. Share the wild.


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Wildhorn Outfitters in Action

“Building off the incredible success and popularity of the ROCA goggles which have a classic spherical design, PIPELINE is sleek and cylindrical, with better visibility and a bold, customizable style. We’re excited to introduce them to the market as people hit the slopes this season.” - Wildhorn CEO Mark Thomas.

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