Inveniam viam aut faciam

- Hannibal Barca

The Outdoor Journal decided to feel the pulse and adrenaline rush at the treacherous trails of the Bhatti ultra run Day 1 / October 25 Runners in the 135 mile category, Aparna Choudhary (age 34), Bhupendrasing Rajput (44), Navin Tangiah (40), Piyush Shah (54), Raj Vadgama (46) and Vineet Aggrawal, set off on the trail at 4.25pm.

With sun close to setting by 5.30pm, runners started to run the shorter route of 5km out and back, which is the norm at Bhatti for safety reasons. Aparna took a tumble in all of the first three laps, sustaining an injury to her wrist. Medics attended to her on all those occasions and she headed back on the route. On her fourth lap, it seemed as though she had a broken wrist, with prominent swelling.

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