I am tormented with an everlasting itch for things remote

- Herman Melville

The Senate and House have both voted to repeal “predator control” hunting restrictions in Alaska enacted during President Obama’s tenure.

Supporters of the to-be-repealed legislation argue that the banned practices, which include aerial hunting, protect against the potential slaughter of wolves and bears. The Alaska hunting season is right around the corner, and federal regulations voted upon last week have spurred new debate over environmental and ethical hunting practices. H.J.Resolution 69 was approved by the Senate last Tuesday, March 21, and repeals measures put in place under the Obama Administration that placed restrictions on “predator control” hunting practices in Alaska, such as aerial hunting. That rule, known as “Non-Subsistence Take of Wildlife, and Public Participation and Closure Procedures, on National Wildlife Refuges in Alaska,” has been in effect since September 6, 2016. (While H.J.

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