Inveniam viam aut faciam

- Hannibal Barca

Nepal government induces confidence building measures for mountaineers after last year's dramatic fight and the global bad press it got.

The Nepal government is in damage control one year after an infamous high-altitude brawl between leading European climbers and Sherpa guides on Everest. The authorities have now placed a security picket at the Base Camp of the 8000er.  It also substantially reduced the climbing fee for individuals for the 2014 season. Nepal Tourism police personnel will be stationed at the Everest Base Camp (17,598 ft) so climbers or Sherpa's can approach the authorities "if there are any issues" on the world's highest mountain, senior tourism official Madhusudhan Burlakoti said Monday. Image © commons.wikimedia.org The stationing of security personnel comes after the fight (near Camp 2 at 23,000 ft) last April made global headlines and shocked the mountaineering community.

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