The mountains are calling and I must go, and I will work on while I can, studying incessantly.

- John Muir

Someone who blindly followed her ambition as a teen, this 40-year old American today knows the course towards her dreams Steph Davis is an American rock climber, BASE jumper and wingsuit flyer based in Moab, Utah.

The daughter of an aerospace executive, she started climbing since the age of 18 at the popular Carderock crags, in Maryland, near Washington DC, US. Today, she's the author of two books: the first one on climbing - 'High Infatuation: A Climber's Guide to Love and Gravity'; and the latest- 'Learning to Fly'- a rare and riveting journey of self-discovery and liberation, Steph and Mario Richard (her late husband and also a BASE jumper) have set up their own company- Moab BASE Adventures. Here's a one-on-one interview of Steph on ‘Learning to Fly’ and how she got there. # What do you do for a living? - I’m a professional climber, BASE jumper and wingsuit pilot. My husband, Mario, and I also own a company in Moab called Moab Base Adventures.

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