A man lies and dreams of green fields and rivers

- Pink Floyd

After filming in five continents, our cinematographic appetite was finally satiated.   Inside the Editors Studio, with a little bit of help from our green diet consisting of caffeine and scotch, shoveling through 150 hours of footage didn’t seem as arduous as we feared. [vimeo 52026382 w=640 h=360] We now had golden footage from all around the world.

Armed with many an epic gigabyte, nothing could stop us. Except, of course, the potential return of Y2K. Our story begins at the “big wave beach” in Palawan. Editor-in-Chief Apoorva Prasad, along with his comrades, Lorenzo Fornari, Cedric Brac, and Fredric Bonnichon, celebrated their spring break by deviating from the social norm of being topless and drunk in Cancun.

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