The Entire World is a Family

- Maha Upanishad

The 8-day event witnessed international skateboarders travel to Bangalore, Hampi, and Goa competing and conducting workshops   India’s first skateboarding competition and tour will kick off in Bangalore from January 11-20, 2014.

The 'ThirdEyeTour' is an eight-day three-city tour in south India where 25 skateboarders from Europe and Asia will compete with Indian riders at Bangalore's skate park Play Arena. With over 200 skateboarders expected to congregate in Bangalore for the much-awaited event, the objective is to create synergy between Indian skateboarders and those from other countries. Even though skaters from Sweden, Denmark, Norway etc are expected to flock the skate-bowls for the week-long event, not all are professional skaters, the orgnisers told The Outdoor Journal, Adventure Media Partner for the event.   "Skateboarding has had a underground history in India. It began with Nick Smith, from Advaita Collective, who helped set up India's first skate park -- Sk8Goa, in 2006.

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