Inveniam viam aut faciam.

- Hannibal Barca


Discover, learn and support Cafe de Guanacaste, the beautiful coffee community of small farmers called Hojancha, part of the uniques Blue Zone areas of the World, according to the National Geographic, located in the isolated Nicoya Peninsula ''Where the world's healthiest people Live''. Let's learn, live and taste, the entire process of Costa Rican coffee from their real protagonist, The farmers, their family, the local co-op and community lifestyle.

The plan: We meet at 7:00 am from Hard Rock Cafe Guitar Our journey takes us across the south of Guanacaste, the Nicoya Peninsula, the blue zone area of Costa Rica, the territory of Chorotegas Indigenous, Guanacaste Pre-Colombian ancestors. Driving by Matambu the indigenous reserve of Chorotegas, get to understand their history and their legacy to the region. While we continue ascending enjoy the ride, check the transitional rainforest valleys of Hojancha, enjoy the fresh and pure air, beautiful ocean views and wildlife diversity. First stop, the farmer's house, down to earth, and surround with an exuberant garden and a humble wooden house meet and greet his lovely family. Enjoy a fresh, simple and healthy Costa Rican breakfast, this family has prepared for you with love. Farm to table.

Now get ready for a 45m easy walk, at this point we are going to the farm, to discover and learn the entire coffee growing and harvesting process, their farm agricultural diversification and how climate change impacts the agriculture and the world, while walking surround with diversity of flora and fauna, waterfalls and ocean views Please take a pause to breathe pure air and upload yourself with good energy. To continue Coopepilangosta, awaits us, a local cooperative and home to the small coffee producers of the area, founded in 1962. Here we will learn the different coffee processes, classification, dry methods, storage and export of the local coffee as well of some the most roasting important facts. Train your palate! Open your senses to new aromas, flavors and taste of Cafe de Guanacaste. This will be a great opportunity to bring coffee home and support the community. A part of your purchase will be allocated local social projects and also to benefit the producers, their families and their community. The day cannot be over without lunch, you will enjoy traditional homemade dishes just prepared by the hands of another Costa Rican family. Delight yourself with the local and magical Flavours to live longer, happier and healthier!

How to be prepared for the tour: Wear comfortable shoes, comfortable and light clothes, bring plenty of hydration, sunscreen eco-friendly if possible, hat, cash for extras, camera and a good attitude.


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