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Only 50 minutes away from the city of Porto is 12 km of coastline in the north of Portugal, excellent for an unexpected surfing experience. Everyone is welcome, from beginners to advanced surfers! Coming from South, you'll find sandy bottom beaches and you&'ll find 12 peaks with great surf conditions, depending on the swell direction, wind and tide hours. There are both lefts and rights to surf with an average of 60 meters surfable waves. The guide will help you find hollow waves, easy waves, fast and clean waves. The swells are consistent and quick and in a precise direction. Surf, relax in style, dine and see the sights all in one unforgettable day.

Typical day program:

8.00 h - Pick Up and depart from Porto towards Moledo do Minho

9.00 h - Arrival at Moledo do Minho - Warm up session

10.00 h - Surf Session - surf material and instructors are available

11.30 h - Shower and rest

13.00 h - Lunch, at the very sharp spot!

15.00 h - Visit to the Villa of Caminha

16.00 h - Sightseeing at Fraga and Santo Antao

17.00 h - Return to Porto

18.00 h - Departure


This trip is completely customizable

The itinerary for this trip can be customized to suit your needs from your accomodations to what gear you need for the day.


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Due to the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, we recommend connecting directly to the operator via our messaging system, to create your ideal itinerary customized for your dates.

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