Inveniam viam aut faciam.

- Hannibal Barca


This short tour highlights the scenic coastline area Streiti in the East Fjords of Iceland. It also visits the local church in Breiddalur valley and the beautiful waterfall Beljandi. This area is rich in history and mythology as well as being an important geological destination. On this tour, you get a taste of trailing rough roads and crossing unbridged rivers in a 4x4 Super-Jeep. Traveling in small groups provides a sense of privacy and intimacy with the surrounding nature and allows you to enjoy to the fullest. The tour begins with a visit to the local church at Heydalir. There you get a chance to see an example of a typical rural Icelandic church, as well as a, peek into a part of Icelandic culture. As we head on, we cross an old bridge across a beautiful river canyon where the clear, calm river flows below our feet. Next stop is at Beljandi waterfall but to get there we will trail rough roads and cross the through the river at a point where there are no bridges. At the end of the journey, we visit the rocky coastline by the lighthouse at Streiti. There, we admire the power of the ocean and the geological formations as well as history and mythology in a stunning experience.


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