Actionable Storytelling Sponsorships – More Than Just Advertising

Actionable Storytelling Sponsorships – More Than Just Advertising

Together, The Outdoor Journal & Voyage create a truly unique media business. Aside from established and conventional routes to market, our mission-oriented startup has evolved to really set itself apart from the other media businesses. The Outdoor Journal’s greatest strength is our wider network, which incorporates explorers, ambassadors, journalists, contributors, and travel operators, but more than anyone else, our audience. A conversational, engaged, and receptive user base that we’re grateful to have with us for the journey.

You Are More Than Just an Advertiser
At The Outdoor Journal, we work in Actionable Storytelling Sponsorships. Whether it is your brand’s story or a story that aligns with your brand, our mission is to engage your brand with an active audience of your ideal customers. We advocate longer partnerships and approach all sponsorship propositions with the same staged approach. And we make every sponsorship actionable to our audience by making your presence on our website part of the story and relevant to the reader’s journey.

Stage 1: Getting to Know Your Goals and Objectives
Even our approach to selling is different. The Outdoor Journal takes the goals and objectives of our partners seriously. That’s why we start every sponsorship conversation with a Discovery Meeting to learn what your near and long-term goals are, what a successful marketing campaign looks like to you, and how we will measure success. Then and only then, can we craft a program to ensure your goals and objectives are met.

Stage 2: Credible Editorial
The Outdoor Journal has been quoted by the worlds leading media outlets, such as the New York Times, Huffington Post, Quartz, Monocle, Washington Post, National Geographic, and Times of India who regularly link and quote The Outdoor Journal. This is largely due to our reputation for responsible and impactful reporting. Our network of collaborators includes eminent names in the outdoors industry, including explorers, athletes, writers, and journalists. We produce impactful, high-quality content, that can incorporate written pieces, videos, and images. This goal of this content is to serve as a catalyst for the future stages of any campaign.

Stage 3: Relevant Reach
The Outdoor Journal’s network of operators, contributors, and ambassadors, across a variety of disciplines, ensures that content will be distributed to the highest number of our most relevant users. Whether it’s surfing, climbing, scuba diving, or any number of outdoor activities, we use our partners and collaborators to reach those who will be interested in that specific content, and will therefore have greater value.

Stage 4: Lasting Engagement
Maintaining engagement and building an on-going relationship between the brand and the target audience. The Outdoor Journal uses the momentum acquired from stages 2 and 3 to build an ongoing campaign that builds an affinity with your brand.


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