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Meet our growing network of wildly talented athletes, adventurers and advisors.

  • Tony Philp
    Windsurfing World Champion & Olympian
    Tony Philp
    Windsurfing World Champion & Olympian

    Since becoming the youngest Olympic sailor at age 15, Tony has achieved exceptional results on the world stage in water sports. A Hall of Fame inductee and distinguished member of the Order of Fiji (MF), the country of his birth, he has won 13 individual windsurfing world titles in an impressive career, which includes being ranked #1 in the world by the ISAF (International Sailing Association Federation) for Olympic windsurfing.

    An Australian national (born in the Fiji Islands), Tony is also a marketing entrepreneur, innovator, brand builder and strategist, event manager and promoter. All in many different sectors including the sports and lifestyle industry, marinas and tourism, fashion, textile, events, photo and video productions.

    There’s more:

    • Philp is one of only two Fiji-born athletes, along with golfer Vijay Singh, to be ranked number one in their sports official world ranking list.
    • Competed in 5 consecutive Olympic Games from 1984 to 2000, where in the final year he was flag bearer for his country.
    • Vice–world champion in both the Windsurfer and Mistral Olympic Class in 1989 and 1999.
    • Conceptualized, built, owned and managed Cloud 9, which is today the premium and most popular aquatic touristic venue in the Fiji Islands.
    Professional Big Wave Surfer
    Professional Big Wave Surfer

    A well-rounded surfer–catching anything from 2ft. to 80ft., Francisco specializes in BIG waves and receives multiple XXL Big Wave Awards nominations every year. He has been part of the paddle movement at Red Bull Jaws since its initiation in 2010 and has been paddling it ever since, not missing one good swell. Being one of the only surfers to compete in multiple sports, he was a finalist in 2011 and 2014 for the ‘biggest wave award’. Francisco also won Frozen Open Surf Competition in Sardinia 2012 and is currently competing in the WSL Big Wave World Tour, being featured on their website regularly.

    Born in New York City from an American mom and Italian dad and moving to Hawaii at 12 years old, Francisco speaks 4 languages. He is also an avid kiteboarder, snowboarder, skydiver, cliff diver, windsurfer, skateboarder. And when he’s not doing all of that, he’s also a model – in case the above photos didn't already give it away.

    There’s more:

    • The first to ever do a "kite tow" (getting towed by his brother on a kite} letting go and riding Jaws on his 5'10 board  
    • Being one of the first to ever capture unique Go Pro footage off his board at Jaws, recieving 100 000 views on YouTube
    • Works with production companies like Go Big Project, delivering episodes on Outside television, Insight TV, starring in 6 episodes called Chasing Monsters, with outstanding performances in Hawaii, Puerto Escondido Mexico, Mavericks California and currently working on new episodes–from massive swells in Fiji to Western Australia
    • Appeared in multiple TV programs/shows internationally; The USA’s Fuel TV,  ESPN, ABC; Brazil’s Canal Off, Italy’s Italia 1, Wild, Sky Sports.
    • Spends his winter months in Hawaii, between Maui and the North Shore of Oahu, but is always tracking swells and ready to shoot over if Mavericks California turns on or Europe delivers big winter swells
    • Currently working on a documentary film about his life and the stories and adventures that have come with it, his environmental and social work, surfing and sharing the stoke, the healing power of waves ocean, and the great outdoors. The film looks to be release it in different film festivals in the US and around the world in summer 2017.
  • Sébastien de Saint Marie
    Extreme Steep Skier
    Sébastien de Saint Marie
    Extreme Steep Skier

    sebWith well over 100 first ascents under his belt, Sébastien de Sainte Marie finds the steepest slopes and all the adrenaline that comes with it.

    Born in Geneva with Swiss and French nationalities, Sébastien started skiing at 4 years old and mountaineering at 17 years old. In between, he was also a championship winning ice hockey player for both the Swiss and French national teams.

    Although all descents are different making it nearly impossible to choose any favorites, some of his highlights:

    - My first time in Himalaya in 2009, the entire trip, the first view and feeling in high altitude. Discovering Nepal, the super friendly, but poor habitants. Their smiles too. Népal takes, as India, a very very special place in my heart.

    - Shishapangma with my unfinished line in the baxter Jones- haston-mc intyre way. A huge mountain with a super line at this altitude. Easy to remember the night at 7100m with Pemba and Pasang.

    - the west face grand Muveran because of a great project we imagined there with my super friend Gilles. At the third attempt we made it. each time my friends, Olov and Wim, came with me. A shared Adventure for a mythic line.

    - Säntis Nordwand, dedicated to my love, Natalie, on the mythic mountain of her region.

    Sound of the Void Trailer
    Sébastien de Sainte Marie feels safer in the mountains than in a car or on a plane, even though the Swiss steep skier picks the lines hardly anyone else dares risk.

  • Maury Birdwell
    Climber & Attorney, Founder at Birdwell Law
    Maury Birdwell
    Climber & Attorney, Founder at Birdwell Law

    A belief in the power of the law to shape and enable success led Maury to earn his law degree at Georgetown University Law Center. After studying under and alongside some of the greatest legal minds in the country he immediately ‘fled’ back West to establish his home in Boulder, Colorado. His passion is to help people and organizations succeed by lending his knowledge and expertise.

    As a member of the Colorado National Guard, Maury has served with the 19th Special Forces Group and is currently assigned to the Judge Advocate General’s office providing legal advisement for our state and nation’s armed forces. He is a member of the American Bar Association, the Colorado Bar Association, the Boulder Bar Association, and enjoys assisting the Georgetown Law Admissions Office every year as an alumni interviewer.

    When not helping clients navigate the legal landscape, Maury can be found running around the mountains close to home and afar. He has climbed and skied peaks from Alaska to the Alps, Patagonia, and more. His musings have been published in Climbing Magazine, Urban Climber, and more.

  • Susan Hunt
    Everest summiteer, Ironman & Endurance Athlete
    Susan Hunt
    Everest summiteer, Ironman & Endurance Athlete

    Susan is an Everest summiteer, Ironman and endurance athlete whose other outdoor interests include ski mountaineering, ice and rock climbing. Susan also runs Navigator, her own tourism, sports and destination marketing company. Her professional background includes roles as Communications Director for Sydney’s Olympic bid, policy advisor to the Australian Minister for Sports and Tourism, Group Account Director of a global advertising agency, and marketing director for some of the world’s best-known destinations (Sydney and Manchester).

  • Mandip Singh Soin
    Mountaineer, Environmentalist & Founder of Ibex Expeditions
    Mandip Singh Soin
    Mountaineer, Environmentalist & Founder of Ibex Expeditions

    Mandip is a mountaineer, explorer, environmentalist and Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society, UK. Four decades in the pursuit of adventure in six continents has earned him the Tenzing Norgay National Adventure Award, presented by the President of India. Mandip is the only Indian to be awarded the Ness Award by the Royal Geographical Society, UK, for mountaineering and polar expeditions and encouragement of youth exploration. He was also nominated ‘India’s Most Versatile Adventurer’ by the Limca Book of Records.
    He is the Founder & Managing Director of the award-winning adventure travel company, Ibex Expeditions (which outfits expeditions in India for major brands such as The North Face), as well as the Founder-President of the Ecotourism Society of India, and a judge for the World Travel & Tourism Council’s Tourism for Tomorrow Awards. He also represents India in the Mountain Protection Commission of the UIAA. Mandip holds a Master’s degree in History from St Stephens College, Delhi University.