Great Gear Review: The Ultimate Survival Kit Lights the Way

Illuminate your nights for safety and security.

Great Gear Review: The Ultimate Survival Kit Lights the Way

I have often had to work later than expected on a Friday, which then leads to a later-than-planned departure for the trailhead. Add to that some traffic on the way to the mountains, and you guessed it, I am setting up camp in the dark. Darkness is one of humankind’s oldest fears. All manner of horrors come out in the dark, according to the ghost stories. I mean, the zombies don’t show up at midday.

On a practical level, trying to set up your tent in the dark is just a pain. However, not seeing what is lurking in the darkness around you is mentally unsettling and potentially dangerous. Tripping over an unseen log on the way to a bio-break can be lethal in the woods. Even in more civilized areas, stumbling around in the dark can be dangerous. Especially in the winter months, I am out after dark for runs or just to take the trash out.  Illumination is the key to safety as well as sanity regarding all those noises in the night.

Dark and stormy nights are nicely illuminated with Vont Innovations' super bright lighting products. Photo credit: Cat Coughran

The Ultimate Outdoor Kit by Vont Innovations - (47.95 USD)
When I saw the price point on this bundle, I have to admit, I was not expecting much in the way of quality. Boy, was I wrong! When my kit arrived, I unpacked a fun bundle of lighting products that I am very happy with. First of all, everything comes in pairs - two headlamps, two adjustable beam flashlights, and two pop-up lanterns!

Vont Innovations makes quality lighting products complete with fun little details. Photography credit: Cat Coughran

I am a big fan of attention to detail on all levels. The products are very functional but also have fun little details like the names. Spark, the headlamp, even comes with its own food (aka batteries). In fact, all the Vont Innovations products came with a set of batteries, so getting started with them was easy right out of the box. Most importantly, the lighting quality is great. I took the headlamp out on a nighttime run. The light cast was plenty bright for illuminating the trail, and the headlamp was lightweight and stayed in place while running. Spark and I have become fast friends. It now hangs right by the door ready and waiting for the next nighttime run or trip the trash. Blaze, the flashlight, has tactical functionality settings, and it is small enough to stash in a backpack, purse, or car cubby. The LED camping lantern rounds out the Ultimate Survival Kit. The pop-up lantern with its 30 super-bright LED bulbs in a  360-degree lighting pattern casts plenty of light to illuminate a tent or room. It is waterproof and made of aircraft-grade materials making it tough enough for any storm.

My expectations for Vont Innovations' Ultimate Survival Kit are greatly exceeded, and best of all, they are affordable enough to have a set in the truck and a set in the house prepared for any dark emergency or late arrival to the campsite. I just ordered another Ultimate Survival Kit for my grandsons. I can't wait to give them their own little lighting pack on our first campout this summer! I know they are going to love Spark and its companions just as much as I do.

The affordably priced Ultimate Survival Kit makes it easy to have emergency lighting onboard at all times. Photo credit: Cat Coughran

About Vont Innovations

Vont began in 2014 with a group of friends who wanted to build a better, brighter bike light. They shared the creation with family and friends, who not only used the powerful 120-lumen beam for biking but as their go-to flashlight for everything. This gave the creators a bright idea: “People like not running into things in the dark. We should share this.”

A year later, Vont Innovations' bike light had received thousands of positive reviews, and was named “Amazon’s Best Bike Light.” Since then, they have added more than 50 different consumer electronics products to our lineup—ranging from LED motion sensor lights to smart kitchen scales.

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