Maharashtrian Style Engagement with a Twist

Maharashtrian Style Engagement with a Twist

On 1st May, climbers Deepak Pawar and Nutan Shinde got engaged in a typical Maharashtrian style but with a twist, by adding a climbing element to it.

They specially designed the rings with a mountain range engraving. "We had a tough time convincing the jewellers about the specific design we wanted. They found it childish. After we had given up, fortunately, a new design came to our minds and we came up with this final ring," says Nutan.

Engagement ring with mountain range engraved design. Photo © Deepak Pawar

Deepak is a 25 year old professional climber, national level route setter and climbing coach. He has been climbing for seven years. Nutan is a 25 year old software engineer, adventure writer and a newbie climber. They met at sports climbing training centre, Raje Shivaji Climbing Wall in Pune. Since then, their common love for rocks and mountains built a mutual bond. Both of them enjoy the hardcore adventure life and hence believe they are suitable for each other to embark upon a rugged, adventurous life journey.

"The first time I spoke with her, I knew she is the one. It was love at first sight," blushes Deepak.

But Nutan took it slow, she says, "Of course for me his climbing knowledge was an added bonus because he would focus on my training. Having said that, I always looked for practical reasons to be together. More than his achievements as a climber, I admire him for being a patient teacher and a good person."

Badami was their first outdoor climbing venture together. Though it was Nutan's first time on natural rocks, Deepak had climbed there up to 7c grade. "I remember after my first lead climb, Deepak was really happy. He encouraged me to climb more and more," says Nutan.

Photo © Deepak Pawar

"After Badami I realised that Nutan did not enjoy artificial climbing. She is the one who wants to be in nature, in the mountains. The closed space of sports climbing never enticed her," states Deepak. Then began the serious workout, where Deepak would train her from 6-8 in the morning. Along with this increased training intensity, their journey of climbing Sahyadri began. Back to back they completed Dukes Nose, Tailbaila and Vanarlingi pinnacles. "I never had to ask for anything. He was tuned into me and was able to guess it rightly. He is a bouldering man, who does not like traditional climbing. Only to support me, he came out of his comfort zone and began traditional climbing," appreciates Nutan.

Photo © Deepak Pawar

While Deepak is preparing her to be a strong climber, Nutan is making him a public icon. She handles his FB page, creates useful social media content and tries to build a strong platform for him as an athlete. Which can be found here. Climber Deepak Pawar.

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They are planning to launch a website for him showcasing all his explorations. "She does it all for me. My page engagement and post reach have all raised due to her efforts," cheers Deepak. Apart from climbing, Deepak wants to be an international route setter. "She knows what my dreams are. She is has set a timeline for me accordingly. She is one strict girl, I have to really work hard. But she is the motivation to achieve my dreams," smiles Deepak.

Photo © Deepak Pawar

It is their dream keep climbing together, not only reaching pinnacles but also technical mountaineering peaks.

"Our love began at the climbing wall."

Although they wanted to be betrothed in Badami, Hampi or the Himalayas, it was not feasible. Hence, they created their own climbing environment. They captured some untraditional pictures by wearing PA shoes while holding a carabiner and sling. "Our love began at the climbing wall. The wall and these holds have nurtured our love, and we wanted that all to be part of our engagement. We thought of getting engaged in a unique style to cherish our special day," smiles Deepak.

Both are examples of how sometimes people go against norms to follow their passion. The sheer desire to be able to follow their dreams leads to doing extraordinary things. Both are planning to get married soon. They like to say it, 'Getting anchored to each other by the figurative love knot'.

Photo © Deepak Pawar

Feature image © Deepak Pawar