Mishmi Takin crosses its crowdfunding goal in less than two weeks

Mishmi Takin crosses its crowdfunding goal in less than two weeks

Outdoor brand Mishmi Takin eclipses its crowdfunding goal on Kickstarter with gear designed to perform where others fail.

With ventilation-focused design, outdoor gear maker Mishmi Takin has created a line of boots and jackets optimized for wet and humid conditions, whether hot and cold. Outdoor adventurists have embraced the concept. The crowd funding campaign has raised more than its original $40,000 goal and counting on Kickstarter.

"The popularity of our campaign validates what we anticipated – that people want outdoor gear that keeps them dry, cool and comfortable even in hot muggy conditions,” said Kapil Dev Singh, Mishmi Takin founder.  "The days of high priced outdoor gear that doesn’t fulfill its promise in hot humid environments will soon be over thanks to our gear that’s designed specifically for wet conditions”.

Mishmi Takin focuses on maximizing the air exchange between inside of gear and outside. In addition to ventilation-focused design, Mishmi Takin’s top difference is the use of Dry System membranes and fabrics that are microporous and air permeable, to provide continual comfort even in wet or humid conditions. No other hiking footwear (and very few jackets) offers this level of protection. Mishmi Takin designed its initial jackets and footwear to quickly rid moisture, both inside and out, in any climate – including heavy rainfall and high humidity conditions.


The product line grew out of Founder, and MIT Graduate, Kapil Dev Singh’s experiences working and hiking in his native India and Liberia, West Africa. While delivering medicines to remote villages in West Africa and hiking in Eastern Himalayas, he realized he couldn’t find boots or outerwear that worked properly in high humidity conditions. After multiple soggy and slippery experiences, he saw an opportunity to create ultra-breathable performance hiking boots designed to perform in tropical conditions.

After searching the globe for the best designers, materials and factories, Dev Singh engineered a product to perform equally well across all wet climates. The ‘Made in Europe’ footwear and ‘Designed in Europe’ outerwear solve the simple problem of staying comfortable when conditions are at their worst.

“When hiking in cooler climates my gear performed adequately, but in the tropical forests of India and West Africa, it failed miserably,” explained Dev Singh. “My feet were hot, sweaty and uncomfortable constantly – so we set out to provide a solution”.

Some of the key differentiating features in the Mishmi Takin lines are:

  • Vibram MegaGrip Rubber for traction on wet & slippery surfaces
  • Cordura Fabric
  • eVent Direct Venting Membrane
  • Laser-Cut Vents
  • Abrasion resistant panels on jackets
  • Helmet Compatible & Adjustable Hoods
  • Engraved Shank on Boots for Stability

Mishmi Takin hiking boots and jackets are available now for pre-order on Kickstarter with early bird special pricing.

The Outdoor Journal received a pair of Kameng, the Mishmi Takin hiking boot to review. Read the review here.

Images © Mishmi Takin