Misti: A Jacket for All Seasons

Misti: A Jacket for All Seasons

Misti, Mishmi Takin's two-layer soft-shell jacket is the perfect companion for autumn and spring, and has your temperature regulated to the T.

Designed to keep your body regulated in fluctuating temperature conditions, and dry and ventilated when caught out in a sudden downpour, the Misti is a two layer soft-shell jacket by Mishmi Takin, named after the 19,000ft active stratovolcano in Southern Peru.

I am well acquainted with the climates this jacket was designed for, after years of tackling the many faces of the British weather, leaving you in a constant battle applying and removing layers upon layers of clothing.

Sadly, the initial testing of the jacket was done in the comfort of an air conditioned office, tackling the sweltering 40+ Celsius heat of Delhi summers—a far cry from the climate the designers at Mishmi Takin had intended [don’t worry, this isn’t a review done inside of a concrete building! And yes, you are on the correct website].

Soon the much anticipated cool of autumn arrived, and I was able to take the Misti for a spin to visit my partner in Dharamshala, in the Himalayan foothills of Himachal Pradesh.

The day is clear and crisp as we depart on our afternoon hike that takes us to a lesser known location away from the more frequented trail to Triund and Dal Lake. The steep incline out of the Main Square up the forested Tushita road and over the top of Dharamkot increased our heart rates and made the chill in the air more pleasant. The warmth carried by the bright intervals of sunshine breaking through the trees gradually becomes more dominating as we reach the opening by Gallu Devi Temple.

[su_quote]Normally at this point I’d be inclined to remove layers, which either results in my backpack becoming bulky, hiding my essentials, or the discontent of having to readjust the jumper wrapped around my waist as I walk on. Instead, I open out the ‘pit zips’ and velcro cuffs to optimise airflow, and soon my temperature is regulated and I’m basking in the convenience of this jacket.[/su_quote]

Sat overlooking the basin of Gullu waterfall. Photo © The Outdoor Journal

For over an hour we trace a trail carved out alongside a protruding water pipe that supplies the surrounding residence with fresh glacier water, before the sights and sounds of the Gallu Devi waterfall reveals itself behind the wall of deodar trees. A woven line descends down mountainside into a deep turquoise basin that lies before us, where perched atop a boulder we find a moment of solitude as we watch the evolving clouds above us.

On our return to Mcleod Ganj, the temperature drops considerably as the night sets in, and the chill in the air shows itself in every exhale. I seal all possible outlets of the jacket, including the tightening the hood’s drawstrings, to retain maximum body heat within the jacket. My tolerance for the cold is very low, and usually I’d be bundled up like the Michelin man in the evenings in Dharamshala, but I was surprised to be comfortable in so few layers. Throughout the day my body temperature stayed well regulated, and as a result my energy levels were noticeably higher than usual.

'Pit zips' enable airflow inside the jacket to prevent you from over heating © The Outdoor Journal

For the last couple of months the Misti has been my go-to, and so far I haven’t found a single flaw. My favourite aspect of the Misti is its ability to adapt to fluctuating weather with and temperatures, whilst staying lightweight. It’s the perfect accomplice for hiking or trail running during autumn and spring.

The 2L soft-shell Misti comes in two colours purple/peach & teal/lime. Photo © The Outdoor Journal

Technical bits and bobs

  • 2 layer 4-way stretch fabric
  • Water resistant face fabric with Durable Water Repellant (DWR) finish
  • 165 gsm fleece lining
  • Passes rain test AATCC 35
  • Face Fabric – 86 % Polyester, 14% Spandex ; Fleece – 100 % Polyester
  • Wind resistant, yet highly breathable
  • Air permeability < 10 CFM
  • Twin zippered, hand-warmer pockets
  • Pit zips for improved venting and temperature control
  • Adjustable attached hood
  • YKK dual color vislon zippers, Velcro cuff adjusters, hem cinch cord.
  • Made in Vietnam

Cost : $150

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Feature Image: The shell of Misti is coated with Durable Water Repellant that passes the AATCC 35 rain test, and the inner lining is made from 165 gsm fleece. © The Outdoor Journal