Jul 29, 2015

India’s ‘largest running community’ sets stage for upcoming ultras

Claimed to be the 'largest running community in India,' Runners for Life organises a number of events throughout the year with an aim to get more people running.


Yogesh Kumar

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Read on about two of their most sought-after events this year – Kaveri Trail Marathon and Performax Bangalore Ultra.

The internet is flooded with content around running – from inspirational quotes to exhilarating videos, motivating people in urban jungles to get out and active.

Runners for Life, conceptualized in 2005 by a group of enthusiasts in Bangalore in South India has slowly risen to become one of the most popular and the ‘largest community’ for runners in India. It has over 10,000 members and organises a number of running events across seven cities in the country. Here’s a glance at two of their most popular ones.

Kaveri Trail Marathon

Set off approx 125 kms from Bangalore in South India, Srirangapatna is the location for the KTM (Kaveri Trail Marathon) and is a favorite amongst runners purely because of the scenic beauty offered by the trail. KTM witnessed over 2000 runners in 2014, a massive rise from 150 in 2007, the year it started.

Kaveri Trails
Kaveri Trails

The event runs in three categories – 10 km, 21 km and 42 km.

Schedule of the 2015 event:

Saturday, Sept 19, 2015: Start of 10kms at 7am.

Sunday, Sept 20, 2015: Start of 42kms at 6am and 21kms at 6:30am.

Last date to register: 31st August, 2015

Contact details:


Ph. No. : 022-26651520

Performax Bangalore Ultra

Called a ‘cradle of ultra-marathoners’ in India, Performax Bangalore Ultra is India’s oldest running ultra marathon and enters its ninth edition in 2015. At Performax Bangalore Ultra, participants run ultra-distances in a closed loop, with consistent and continuous high-quality support and with runner camaraderie. In the words of its runners, “Bangalore Ultra is like the Woodstock of running.” Runners graduating from Bangalore Ultra have gone on to do iconic races like Comrades, UTMB, Badwater, etc.

A runner at Bangalore Ultra
A runner at Bangalore Ultra

In addition, it has witnessed participation from famous ultra runners, the most recent one being Dan Lawson, part of the winning Great Britain squad at the 24 hour World Ultra Championships. Dan set a record for the 24 hour foot race category on Indian soil at 226 kms. Even today, as  the 24 hour race tapers off, the stage gets set for the half marathoners and 10k runners to test the limits of their endurance and run 25k and 12.5k respectively. Historically, this race has seen most runners graduating to a longer distance the next year, making it, quite effectively, also a cradle for future half and full marathoners. The terrain is mostly trail with intermittent stretches of road. The course mostly has shrubs and tall grass with sparse tree cover.

November is pleasant in Bangalore, with temperatures going up from 20 C in the mornings to 25 C in the noon day sun, dropping to 16 C in the night with a chilly wind. Support from the race organizers extends to aid stations, medical support, and the fact that they are runners themselves, gives them a true understanding of what the participants are going through (and what they may need) in their 87th km.

Location: Hennur bamboo forest

Schedule of the 2015 event:

Saturday, Nov 7, 2015: Start of the 24 Hour Challenge and 100 kms at 5 am and start of 75 kms and 50 kms at 6 am.

Sunday, Nov 8, 2015: Start of 25 kms at 6 am and start of 12.5 kms at 6:30 am.

Last Date to register: 15th October, 2015

Contact details:


Ph. No.: 022-26651520

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