Feb 18, 2016

Mishmi Takin – an outdoor gear brand that outperforms in high humidity conditions

Mishmi Takin, a Himalayan inspired company creates outdoor gear that performs where others fail.


Press Release

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While hiking in his native eastern Himalayas, Kapil Dev Singh realised that his high end waterproof gear was not performing. Soaked but inspired, the MIT-trained supply chain expert discovered, accidentally, his next career – founding a line of highly breathable and water repellent gear that could withstand the rigours of the tropics and still outperform in temperate climates.

Mishmi Takin

Almost all hiking boots and most shells in the market today feature a ‘wet system’ membrane. A wet system membrane involves an inherently slow three-step process of absorption, diffusion, and evaporation, triggered by condensation on the PU membrane. When the humidity outside is as high as inside, the ‘wet system’ does not work and breathability becomes zero.
In comparison, the dry systems employed by Mishmi Takin are microporous and air permeable, resulting in immediate expulsion of water vapor, a slight air exchange and a big difference in user comfort.

2015 Dec 16: Mishmi Takin product shoot in Troutdale, OR. Trevor Brown, Jr./Trevor Brown Photography

Mishmi Takin products are coming to the market in Fall 2016 and will be available for pre-orders through a crowdfunding campaign launching on March 14th, 2016.
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From Mishmi Takin press release
Images © Mishmi Takin (16 December 2015: Mishmi Takin product shoot in Troutdale, OR.  Trevor Brown, Jr./Trevor Brown Photography)