Jan 21, 2016

‘Sketchy Andy’ and Hayley Ashburn injured in car accident

BASE jumper, slackliner and enfant terrible Andy Lewis and his equally inspiring partner Hayley Ashburn have been injured in a car accident in Mexico.


The Outdoor Journal

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A crowdfunding site is raising funds to cover their medical costs.

A nasty car crash has left ‘Sketchy Andy’ Lewis and Hayley Ashburn injured in Mexico. According to a GoFundMe page set up by their friend Jimmy Pouchinotti, the couple were driving to a slacklining event when they crashed into a broken-down truck at 110 km/h, when the vehicle in front of them unexpectedly swerved to avoid it.

Lewis escaped with comparatively minor injuries, but Ashburn broke her pelvis and femur, and has had multiple surgeries so far. This means they cannot travel back to the US for a month while she recovers. Hayley and Andy have rented a place in Mexico, and according to the GoFundMe page, they have already spent $30,000 on hospital bills. According to a post on Ashburn’s Facebook page, their insurance policies are not valid while they are in Mexico.

Andy Lewis has contributed to The Outdoor Journal in the past, and we’ve always been struck by the way he lives his life on his own terms. Funds are flowing in from around the word from friends and fans who want to see them back on their feet. The injury will put Hayley out of work for six months, so now’s a good the time to show your appreciation if you’ve ever been inspired by this incredible duo. Here’s a link to the crowdfunding page: