Feb 12, 2015

Ski guide killed in avalanche in Gulmarg



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A local skiing guide was killed when an avalanche hit the upper reaches of north India’s Gulmarg ski resort Wednesday afternoon.

An avalanche on the slopes of Apharwat in Gulmarg, Kashmir killed a skiing guide on Wednesday afternoon, according to a news report.
The report also claims that three skiers who were trapped in the avalanche have been rescued.
In a report published by Kashmir Watch, a regional publication,  the deceased, 27-year old Bashir Ahmad Bakshi, was a skiing guide from Tangmarg area.
Bashir Ahmad Bakshi Image courtesy Ibrahim
Bashir Ahmad Bakshi Image courtesy Ibrahim
Gulmarg is the country’s most popular ski resort, as the Himalayan town offers one of the largest, longest and highest terrains for skiing in Asia. Experts claim that late snowfall this season has resulted in dangerous conditions for skiers.
On January 24 last year,  an avalanche in the same region killed a Swiss national, who was believed to have gone out backcountry skiing.