Are the Olympics Headed for Biarritz?

News from Biarritz: In 2024, Paris will host the Summer Olympics, but the French capital city is not suitable for all sports, surfing on the Seine just isn’t an option.

Are the Olympics Headed for Biarritz?

Olympic surfing might be headed for the historic surfing capital of Europe. We have been aware of rumors for a long time, but now it’s official. Last week the local authority in Landes confirmed that there would be a joint application between Biarritz, Capbreton, Hossegor and Seignosse to host the Olympic surfing events in 2024.

In press release, the local government said “The Department of Landes, the community of communes MACS, Hossegor, Capbreton, Seignosse and Biarritz join together to present a joint application, within the historic heart of surf, to host the surfing events of the Paris Olympics 2024. This candidature offers the most beautiful playground in Europe with 30 kilometers of beaches, 15 world-famous spots, a 100% natural environment backed by indisputable know-how in organizing major world events.”

However, there is competition, Sevran (a wave pool) and the Girondins of Lacanau near Bordeaux are both applying too. Additionally, this is not the biggest challenge to the Biarritz and Landes bid, it remains to be seen whether surfing is included as an Olympic sport at all in 2024. Whilst the sport will feature in Tokyo in 2020, the stamp of approval has not yet been given to surfing for 2024. To be certain, we need to wait until the Olympic bodies reflect upon the 2020 games, we will however be given a big clue when the specifications are released by the Olympic organisers in the summer of 2019.

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Cover photo: Josu Orbe