ÖtillÖ- 2013: Live

Considered one of the toughest races in the world, ÖtillÖ is held in Sweden annually. The Outdoor Journal brings you the live coverage of this event, straight from the Stockholm archipelagohttp://static.bambuser.com/r/player.swf?context=iframe&chat=yes&callback=onBambuserReady&vid=3876691&username=Otillo

Get ready for the adrenaline and the burn, tie your laces and check your gear. On September 2, we shall witness yet another episode of one of the most thrilling and exciting events in the world of ultra-running (Oh wait! It's not just running- it's running and swimming)- ÖtillÖ!Stepping into its eighth year, the contest has achieved a status of being a prestigious event on the hard core scene of endurance racing for top-notch triathletes, multisport athletes and endorphine junkies. It's a unique competition where 120 teams of two swim and run through 24 of the 100,000 stunning islands in the Stockholm archipelago. The total distance is 75 kms, of which, 65 kms consists of trail running and 10 kms, open water swimming. Challenging water temperatures in the Baltic Sea, somewhere between 11-14 degrees Celsius will put to test the endurance of the athletes. You run in your wetsuit and you swim in your shoes!15 different nationalities are competing in the 2013 edition and the event attracts renowned athletes like Jonas Colting, former World Champion in Ultra Triathlon, Swedish running legend Malin Ewerlöf and some very competitive triathletes from UK, Germany, USA and France.Lennart Moberg and Magnus Olander of Team Ica Kvantum Tyresö pipped other teams to win ÖtillÖ-2012 in 9h 11.(Read The Outdoor Journal's exclusive interview of last year's winners)Fast facts- ÖtillÖ:

  • Starts at Sandhamn Island and ends at Utö Island
  • 65 kms of trail running
  • 10 kms of open water swimming
  • Water temperature between 11-14 degrees Celsius
  • 24 islands to cross
  • 42 changes between running and swimming
  • 120 teams - 80 men, 26 mixed, 14 women
  • Teams of two
  • 15 Nationalities: Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Norway, Germany, Switzerland, UK, USA, S Africa, Romania, Switzerland, Belgium, France, Auatralia, Canada(All teams here: http://www.otillo.se/teams/) Course record: 9 hours 07 minutes (2010)Fastest time- 2012: 9 hours 11 minutes (Lennart Moberg & Magnus Olander, Team Ica Kvantum Tyresö)

Click on the image above for the OtillO-2013 mapFor more, visit: www.otillo.sePlace: Stockholm, Sweden