Our Team

On top of our large network of freelance contributors and part-time staff, we are a growing, international team with a common goal: to educate and inspire all people to experience, enjoy and protect wilderness.
  • Apoorva Prasad
    Founder, CEO & Editor-in-Chief
    Apoorva Prasad
    Founder, CEO & Editor-in-Chief

    Apoorva is an award-winning entrepreneur, multimedia journalist, photographer and writer; experienced rock climber and mountaineer, snowboarder and paragliding pilot, with over a decade of international media and outdoors experience in France, USA and India. Over his career, he helped launch Maxim magazine’s India edition in 2005; spent four years at the Paris headquarters of the international 24/7 news channel FRANCE 24; and has worked on projects as diverse as scripts with Shekhar Kapur and Gautam Chopra, to managing multimedia editorial projects for the New York-based Studio One Networks.

    For many years he was the only international outdoor and adventure journalist of Indian-origin, with clips in The Australian,, Outlook Traveller, L’Equipe mag, Triathlete’s World UK, Climbing magazine (USA),, Indian Mountaineer, The Economic Times, Maxim, Men’s Health, Open, Smart Travel Asia (Hong Kong), Extremium (Poland) and others. In the course of duty, he’s trained with the French Army at its elite National Commando Training Centre in Collioure, learned to race a Corvette Z6 at the Phoenix, Arizona-based Bondurant School of Race Driving, braved riots and snowboarded off Kashmir’s Mt. Apherwat, ridden backcountry over Chamonix’s glaciers, gone scuba diving in Corsica, rock climbed from Armenia to Yosemite, and called for helicopter rescue while winter climbing on the Mont Blanc Massif. He holds an Advanced diploma from India’s prestigious Nehru Institute of Mountaineering, and is an experienced snowboarder, with a working knowledge of skiing, paragliding, scuba diving and other sports.

    Apoorva is a graduate of the first batch of New Delhi’s Vasant Valley School - the country’s number-1 ranked K-12 institution; has a degree in Economics from the University of Maryland, College Park, USA, and a diploma in French Cinema from l’Institute Catholique de Paris, France. He’s a member of the Himalayan Club and the Foreign Correspondents’ Club of South Asia, and is invited to speak at conferences in India and globally and has served on several committees and panels in the adventure space. He is currently serving as a judge for the 2016 edition of the prestigious Red Bull Illume photography competition.

  • Lorenzo Fornari
    Co-Founder & COO
    Lorenzo Fornari
    Co-Founder & COO

    The question Lorenzo receives on a daily basis is “where are you now?”.

    Ever since he was a child he’s been living, exploring, photographing, and sharing these travels. The only continent that has so far managed to be spared by his presence is Antarctica.

    From a family of diplomats and artists, he grew up between the Middle-East, USA, and Europe, where he got his Masters in Business and HRM and now (mostly) resides as a photographer and explorer by passion.

    Whenever he can get away he will dive the ocean depths in search of new adventures, from tickling giant groupers to exploring the WW2 wrecks in Truk lagoon.

  • Nandini Prasad
    Co-Founder & Publisher
    Nandini Prasad
    Co-Founder & Publisher

    Nandini grew up between India and Europe, exploring jungles in one and skiing in the Alps in the other. Over her long career she became well-known for having developed a Code of Ethics for Gender Mainstreaming in Broadcasting Organisations, and as the author of several research papers and books on gender and media.

    Until 2008, she led a USAID project in India, and before that, managed the gender and basic education portfolio in India for Development Cooperation Department of the Netherlands. Nandini has a Masters in Economics and a diploma in journalism and mass communication. An inspiration to her son Apoorva, she continues to travel, having recently snowmobiled in Svalbard in the Arctic Circle, and visited the Everest Base Camp on the Tibetan side.

  • Elliot Adams
    Communication Director
    Elliot Adams
    Communication Director

    After almost 15 years in the PR and communications industry working in London, Paris and Monaco, Elliot has amassed a unique set of skills (very unlike those of Liam Neeson in 'Taken', but impressive nonetheless) that helps companies understand how best to communicate internationally, and when.

    Before joining as Comms Director and acting PM for The Outdoor Journal & Voyage, Elliot was previously the Global Head of Public Relations and Communications at Silversea Cruises, the leader in luxury cruising; and Director of International PR at HotelTonight. Before that, Elliot was the International Corporate Communications Director for Yelp, helping the Yelp community in its continued expansion internationally in 17 countries across Europe, South America and Asia.

  • Sean Verity
    Content Strategy Director
    Sean Verity
    Content Strategy Director

    The seed of Sean’s love for travel was laid early, with a family that carried him off to every corner of the world. However, with an auntie who worked to bring education to remote areas of the world, these weren’t your average family holidays.

    Since then, Sean has continued to travel, work, and study on every continent. Sean is also a big sports fan, but most people within the business switch off when he changes to this topic.

    From a professional perspective, Sean has worked across the media industry, from founding start-ups, to working in agencies and big corporations such as the BBC, BT Sport and Red Bull.

    With a TV & Digital production background, Sean’s main achievements have centered around working to help brands, influencers and media business transition into the digital age, and benefit from it.

  • Omar Spira
    Director of Tech
    Omar Spira
    Director of Tech

    A self-professed student of philosophy and code.

    Omar is a full stack developer who tells stories through code and delivers the impossible. 

    When he’s not coding, he’s modeling for The Outdoor Journal. 



  • David Braun
    Content Manager
    David Braun
    Content Manager

    Davey Braun is a digital media attorney, travel writer and adventure seeker. As an American expat, Davey now resides in Luxembourg because, as he says, "it's 2 hours from everywhere" in Europe.

    His hobbies include bouldering to scout cliff jumping locations and shopping for local fashions in exotic destinations.

    As Content Manager for TOJ, Davey creates packages to share our partners' itineraries and he also develops editorial content for our print and digital magazine.

    Davey likes old ships, Land Rover Defenders and collecting photography gear. Of our TOJ team, he's most likely to be wearing a GoPro.

  • Artemis Magoula
    Communications Officer
    Artemis Magoula
    Communications Officer

    Coming from a Naval family Artemis has sailed all 5 Oceans and visited all 7 Continents by the age of 6.

    Having a genuine love for the outdoors from an early age, she got her diploma in Outdoor Recreation and Open Water Sailing and also became a Whitewater Rafting & Rescue guide. 

  • Brooke Hess
    Staff Writer
    Brooke Hess
    Staff Writer

    Brooke was on skis before she could walk, in a climbing harness before she could read, and in a whitewater kayak before she could drive. She graduated from University of Montana in 2016 with a B.S. in Geoscience.

    Since then, she has been living into her truck traveling from river to river in search of the world's biggest and best kayaking waves. She is a member of the U.S. Freestyle Kayaking Team and has paddled rivers all over the world, including Africa, Europe, New Zealand, South America, the U.S. and Canada.

    She's the "whitewater expert" at The Outdoor Journal, but will write about any outdoor adventure sport that has a good story.

  • Jahnvi Pananchikal
    Jahnvi Pananchikal

    An advocate of community living and sustainable development, Jahnvi believes in sharing love, respecting the environment and promoting the creative arts. Her instagram account documents encounters with rural and urban India, occasionally elaborated on her blog.

    After studying in Norway and USA for seven years, Jahnvi spent four years promoting impact-driven educational institutions and start-ups in India.

    Now as a freelance writer, she writes on adventure and gender diversity for The Outdoor Journal, crafts brand stories for committed entrepreneurs, shares insights on the purpose of traveling, creates children stories on life skills, and writes about issues relating to gender, culture, sustainability and art.

  • Maneesh Gulati
    Admin & Distribution
    Maneesh Gulati
    Admin & Distribution

    Maneesh is the Administrations & Distribution master of The Outdoor Journal. Over 21 years of progressive experience in this and other core office management positions have made him the bedrock of the company.

  • Himraj Soin
    Associate Editor
    Himraj Soin
    Associate Editor

    An adventure travel journalist who helped launch The Outdoor Journal as the very first employee. An avid skier and climber who studied at Colorado College, he is also a National Geographic Student Expedition leader. His expeditions have taken him to Tibet, Mongolia, Bhutan, Borneo, Madagascar, Peru, Morocco, Namibia, Argentina, Chile, and Antarctica, amongst others.

  • Edouard Vigier
    Financial Director
    Edouard Vigier
    Financial Director

    Recently graduated in Finance from the London School of Economics, Edouard worked as a business analyst for Pictet Group before joining The Outdoor Journal in January 2017. A devoted tennis player and fanatic skier, Edouard enjoys travelling when he has free time from poring over The Outdoor Journal & Voyage’s spreadsheets and models.