Paragliding World Cup Super Final Kickstarts in Brazil

Paragliding World Cup Super Final Kickstarts in Brazil

Governador Valadares, Brazil is hosting the Paragliding World Cup Super Final from January 17th to 28th – deciding the overall champions of last year.

Over 120 pilots are confirmed to participate at the Paragliding World Cup Super Final to be held over the rolling landscape of Governador Valadares in Brazil from 17th to 28th January.

"Valadares is one of the largest places to fly in the world, and has proven to be a great site for competitions ever since the 2005 world championships. It hosted several competitions ever since," Polish pilot Klaudia Bulgakow told The Outdoor Journal. Ms. Bulgakow is currently ranked No.3 in the world and is participating in this Super Final.

According to the video below, the athletes were met with rainy conditions after arriving in Valadares. However, practice sessions continued. Pico Da Ibituruna(991m), a big volcanic rock towering over Valadares is the only take-off site for paragliders.

The Super Finals are held at the end of the World Cup Tour to decide the overall champions of the year. The World Cup Tour consists of five competitions held worldwide in a year. In 2016, the World Cup Tour took place in Castelo in Brazil, Gemona in Italy, Serra de Estrela in Portugal, St Andres Les Alpes in France and La Reunion in France.

[vimeo 199751857 w=640 h=360]

World Cup Governador Valadares season 2016 superfinal- arrival from Philippe Broers on Vimeo.

These championships are organised by the Paragliding World Cup Association, a non-profit based in Digne, France. It was founded in 1990 with the aim of "organizing each year a competition circuit for the world's best pilots, based on highly professional organization criteria."

For a complete list of participating athletes, click here.

Feature Image: Rafa Tecchio / Wikimedia Commons