Stay Fit Under Lockdown: Full Body and Mind

How to keep your body toned and your mind at ease while under quarantine with these free, at-home workouts.

Stay Fit Under Lockdown: Full Body and Mind

Is social distancing throwing a wrench in your fitness regime? Are you stuck inside the house and afraid of packing on an extra "COVID-15" pounds? Is your anxiety going through the roof? Daily exercise is an important element to stay safe and healthy during this crisis. With these free exercises that you can do from home, you'll be able to "stay hard" like David Goggins and manually boost your immune system like Wim Hof.

1. David Goggins 45-minute Guided Workout

Ultramarathoner, retired Navy SEAL, and extreme athlete David Goggins shares his personal 45-minute workout that he does whenever he doesn't have access to a gym - no equipment necessary. David once completed 4,030 pull-ups in 17 hours, breaking the world record for most pull-ups done in one day, but you won't even need a pull-up bar to feel the burn thanks to this video. Give this workout a try if you have an unquenchable thirst for jumping-jacks. If you can keep up with David's pace, then you'll know the answer to his famous question, "Who's going to carry the boats?".

2. Then-X Full-Body Workout

Calisthenics athlete Chris Heria has been flying high and breaking hearts since 2011. He's well-known for his creative street performances utilizing the overhead bar. Chris is at the forefront of blending body-building and calisthenics to create an all-around aesthetic look in addition to strength. His YouTube channel Then-X offers a multitude of workout motivation and calisthenics tips for learning moves like the elusive muscle-up.

3. Cat Meffan 1-hour Vinyasa Flow (All Levels)

Cat, a London native, ex-gymnast, and dancer, offers individually tailored yoga flows to suit beginner and expert yogis alike. In addition to full-body routines, Cat offers specifically designed movements such as heart-openers and stretches for tight hamstrings. You may not be able to join one of her yoga retreats in dreamy locations such as Portugal and Sri Lanka at the moment, but you will earn major wellness points by committing to one of her varied yoga flows.

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4. Wim Hof Guided Breathing Tutorial

“The Iceman” Wim Hof is a Dutch athlete and multiple Guinness World Record holder known for his ability to withstand extreme cold. He has even proven his method's efficacy for strengthening the autonomic immune system, which was previously deemed impossible in the scientific community. During these unprecedented times, the Wim Hof method is a reassuring practice to add to your wellness toolkit.

5. Bas Rutten Personal Pool Workout

If you have a pool, you could flutter-kick to your heart's content, or you could build muscle with this surprisingly low-impact workout guided by a trained killer. Bas Rutten is a Hall of Fame MMA fighter who was known for his vicious, street fighter mentality in the ring. His liver shot still gives his opponents nightmares. You can build muscle mass and core strength with these creative marine maneuvers.

6. Mental Motivation with The Outdoor Journal Podcast

If you are looking for a mental escape, or perhaps some motivation to push yourself past your boundaries, give The Outdoor Journal Podcast a listen. We've interviewed some of the world's greatest athletes, explorers, eco-activists and storytellers about overcoming challenges to pursue their passions. (Subscribe on iTunes). In the episode below, we enter the chomp zone with Coyote Peterson, who has survived venomous bites and the animal kingdom's most painful stings.