Teams participating in the AquaTerra Challenge

Teams participating in the AquaTerra Challenge

This adventure racing event introduces the multi-day sport to North India with a 20k hike, 16k bike and 30k rafting section over 2 days in Uttarakhand. Join us as we cover every minute of the race!

MMT Torpedos

Sejal Sonawane - WTFIK

Age 37 

A commercial pilot, has rafted the Ganga, Zanskar, Kali, Subansari, Po Chu and loves hiking.

Other team members:

- Abhay Raj Kapoor

- Nirvan Mehra

- Jyoti Punj

Ranjan Pal - Three and a Half Men

Age 55

Rafted all of India’s great rivers starting with the Siang (pioneer descent 2002) to the Zanskar in 2011. Did a trip to Everest Base Camp last year. As the oldest team in the race, their goal is not to compete but to complete.

Other team members:

- Praveen Gupta

- Sundeep Kumar

- Vishal Mehta

Raymond Shaw - Whirling Past Kala

Age 48

This entrepreneur played rugby for Bangalore before the rafting and trekking bug got him. He has climbed Audens Col and followed it up with the raft trip down the Brahmaputra in 2010. He has since rafted the Zanskar, Ganga, Subansari, Zambezi, Colorado, Futaleufu, kayaked the Kali, done the Trailwalker and photographed wild life in Africa.

Other team members:

- Milan Moudgill

- Sanjay Gulvady

- Raymond Shaw

Vivek Shrivastava - Wild Riders Vatika 02Age 27

Outdoor experience: Rafting, Trekking, Hiking and Scuba diving. Has travelled around 3 continents - Asia, Africa and Europe.

Other team members:

- Swati Banga

- Nikhil Bhatia

- Rashmi Singh Dagar

Mayur Sharma - Vatika 01

Age 42 

Has rafted in Asia, America and Africa and has climbed a few mountains. Trained as an 'outdoor instructor' with Outward Bound in Canada.

Other team members:

- Balbir Singh

- Sumeet Singh
  • Unmukt Kaushik
Laurent Rinchet - Victorious Secret

Age 38 

The team's 'fun quotient', he thrives on Outdoor Activities and Sunshine.

Other team members:

- Amit Srivastava

- Raj Singh
  • Rahul Bose
Arati Singh - Dynamite

Age 35

From years in active television to flying like a bird, Arati's conversion to the outdoor life is complete.

Other team members:

- Vishal Suri

- Bunny Suri
  • Bhavna Jaising
Siraj Dhanani - BonoboAge 36

Other team members:

- Sahil Timbadia

  • Rishabh Vir

  • Prateek Mehta

Place: New Delhi, India