The 5 Most Exciting Outdoor Water Activities That Also Work in Winter

It's getting cold out - but you can still enjoy these great water activities outdoors!

The 5 Most Exciting Outdoor Water Activities That Also Work in Winter

When it comes to outdoor water activities, many are largely limited to the summer season. Swimming in the ocean or sea, wakeboarding and surfing are mainly popular during the sunny summer days. Unless you have great insulation with a wetsuit and are an avid winter water sports lover, chances are you're likely to wait out the few months of winter and hop into the refreshing waters in summer again.

Being confined indoors and not being able to enjoy the water during the winter seems unfair, which is why this article aims to highlight 5 ways in which you can still enjoy the great outdoors – water and winter edition.

Go Fishing

A stupendous way to enjoy the outdoors, stay moving and maybe even catch a free dinner is with fishing. There are so many tranquil, idyllic and breathtaking rivers and streams for you to set up your fishing rod. The nice thing about fishing is that if it does get too cold, you don't have to stay knee-high in the cold water in the water boots. You can simply hook the back of your rod to a fishing pole that you place in the earth or sand and sit by it whilst you bait a fish.

Speaking of cold water and water boots, the clothing and equipment you wear and have is very important, especially during the winter months. When it comes to your equipment, make sure you have a reliable rod that is in solid condition to reel up a fish, you can try to find shimano spinning reels for smooth angling and also, make sure the cooler box you have is airtight and has ice packs to preserve your live fish well. When it comes to what you wear, ensure your gumboots and overalls are waterproof, that you wear layers upon layers and beanies are a great idea.

Stand-up Paddle Boarding

This is a fantastic way to get in a whole-body workout and manage to stay dry, that is if you have great balance. If you do not know what stand-up paddling is, try to picture a longboard that comes with the oar of a kayak. This activity requires a lot of balance and grace. You essentially need to stand up on this long and relatively thick and stable board and use the one oar that comes with it to propel yourself forward. If you manage to find a little harbor in a lake or anywhere you want to paddle board, then you might even get away with not getting your toes wet and just hopping off a jetty or deck straight onto the board.

If you are paddle boarding for the first time, then try it first in a small lake rather than out in the sea or ocean. Waves and a strong current can severely affect your chances of staying dry. Be sure to wear a life vest when going out to the water, no matter how shallow it might look.


An activity that you can do alone or with one or two people. There are single kayaks and there are also kayaks that allow for 2 or 3 people to kayak together. There are usually also small buckets placed within the kayak to keep all your belongings safe and dry. Unless to tip over, you should manage to do this sport with relatively little water entering the kayak. The only part of you that should get wet is your arms, as the water often drips from down the oar and into the sleeve of your jacket. This is a lot of fun and also a great way to work the arms. Layers are advised and so is a life vest!

Speedboating and Sailing

A wonderful pastime that allows you to enjoy the waters and the fresh air, without ever needing to step foot into the water. Better yet, it even allows you to anchor somewhere and enjoy a picnic on the deck. Small boats for sailing are just as fun as big ones and also more accessible. Many harbors offer small speedboats and sailing boats for hire. The former is of course more budget-friendly and does not require you to know how to sail. If you go with the sailing option, be sure that you know what you are doing and consider taking some sailing courses or even a basic sailing certificate.


A more modern approach to winter sports. These look exactly like bicycles that you would ride on the road, only they are elevated from the water and hover on two parallel ski-looking shapes that allow you to glide over the water. These are for rent at certain water parks or harbors but they are relatively new so don't expect to see them everywhere.