The Outdoor Journal Partners with Road.Travel

London-based travel & mobility startup Road.Travel and global adventure media & travel tech company The Outdoor Group announce an exciting new partnership covering the US, Canada and India.

The Outdoor Journal Partners with Road.Travel

London-based award-winning startup Road.Travel and global adventure media platform The Outdoor Group announced an exciting partnership, with The Outdoor Group’s Boulder, CO-based US branch, The Outdoor Journal LLC, acting as Road.Travel’s exclusive North America sales and content creation partner. Additionally, The Outdoor Group’s India branch will also cover sales and content for a future launch in the South Asia market.

Road.Travel is a technology platform and marketplace that enables curated road trip itineraries; both on their own platforms as well as a white-label solution for licensed partners. Most recently, Road.Travel became one of two companies to sign a deal with Cerence (NASDAQ: CRNC), AI for a world in motion, to be made available via an integrated solution in new car models starting later this year. Cerence software powers every second car sold in 2019 globally. Road.Travel is currently developing a white-label solution for a major international destination, to enable actionable road trip itineraries on their country tourism website.

Nikita Dedik, founder and CEO of Road.Travel, said: “We’re super excited to be working with Apoorva, Cat and the whole team at The Outdoor Group – they are the leaders of adventure travel content, and not only that, their adventure operators’ professional offerings will also be integrated into our solution. This is a genuinely exciting and deep partnership that will grow stronger with time – watch this space!”

Apoorva Prasad, founder and CEO of The Outdoor Group, said: “Nikita and I got along from the first time we met, I admired his hustle and the quality of the product that they had built and continued to improve. When I heard about the Russia launch, I knew we had to work together to take their product global, especially in the US and India, two markets we know very well and have a solid understanding and network.”

“The Road.Travel+Outdoor Group partnership provides a big opportunity for Destination Marketing Organizations (DMO) across the US and around the world,” says Cat Coughran, Head of Global Sales for The Outdoor Group. “Now regions can take their static itineraries and make them come to life through Actionable Storytelling that is enabled by this technology.”

About The Outdoor Group:

The Outdoor Group is a technology & media company with operations in the US, Europe and India. The Group owns The Outdoor Journal, an outdoor sport and adventure travel media business, and The Outdoor Voyage, an adventure travel marketplace platform built with proprietary technology to enable local outfitters all over the planet connect with travelers and enable transactions for both ready inventory as well as customized experiences. Our technologies bring our stories to life, turning dreamers into voyagers by making any inspiration actionable. We call this ‘Actionable Storytelling’!

About Road.Travel:

Road.Travel is an online travel platform for road trips and connected cars, awarded by Ford Motor Company, Porsche, Volkswagen, World Tourism Organisation, and offering curated interactive routes for road trips, staycations and weekend getaways – the main trend in 2020-2021, one of the safest during the pandemic. The platform covers all stages of a user journey, transforming inspiring travel stories into actionable plans for navigation. The company offers integration options, such as widgets or APIs, and white-label solutions for tourist destinations, automotive companies and affinity partners, supporting tourism reactivation and recovery through Covid-safe curated car routes.

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