Top 10 Running Poles for Beginners: Affordable and High-Quality Options

Running poles make both walking and running much easier for beginners - find the right fit from these top options!

Top 10 Running Poles for Beginners: Affordable and High-Quality Options

Running poles make both walking and running much easier for beginners. The benefit of running poles is that they make steep inclines a bit easier by being able to dig into the earth a bit to propel yourself up a hill or mountain. They are also great for downhills, allowing you to support yourself going down and allowing the poles to take the pressure off your knees and joints in descents.

It is highly important to find the right fit for your running pole. Especially if you are a beginner looking to start your running pole journey. There is quite a lot to choose from which can get overwhelming so this article aims to share the top 10 running poles that you can consider for your new great adventure.

Dynamic Vertical Pro Running Pole

Made of a carbon construction and as few additional features as possible to keep it as lightweight as can be, this running pole comes in top place with its weight saving and grips on the pole that allows users to place their hands in multiple areas on the pole. Sometimes wrist joints can feel tired so being able to adjust where you place your hands is a big plus. It can be found on this site and is also able to be folded into only 39 cm, just more than a ruler! Great for storage, easy to pop into your backpack once you're done with it and stylish in its yellow design too.

LEKI Cross Trail FX.One Superlite

This option is great for running or trekking. It features an ultra-strong grip, giving you traction on uphills and downhills. The strap itself is breathable and wide to suit all sizes. It folds into itself with just a touch of a button to a small 37 cm.

TSL Trail Carbon 4 Running Pole

Exactly what you would want out of a running pole. This lightweight running pole is ideal for beginners. With its choice of a foam or cork grip, that is either regular or also open to being extended, it's ideal for a walk or run. As we know, exercise is hugely important for one's health, so consider a running pole to assist you.

REI Co-op Flash Carbon Poles

This running pole is easy to adjust in length with its cam locks and aluminum levers. The grips are made from lightweight EVA foam which is extremely breathable and bespoke to this design. Avoiding sweaty palms on an arduous climb is a great safety measure to avoid your hands slipping too.

Dynafit Ultra Pro Running Pole

An all-carbon construction with adjustability from 115 - 130 cm and its EVA foam grip make it the ideal companion when going on an adventure. Its lightweight of only 400g and ability to fold into only 42cm makes it easy to stow away if it is not needed.

LEKI Vertical K Pole Pair

This is one of the best running poles if you're looking for assistance when you're moving fast. It weighs only 35g and its natural cork grip makes it comfortable to hold.

LEKI Ultratrail FX One Superlite Running Pole

Its durable construction and the fact that it comes in 7 different lengths ranging from 105 - 135 cm makes it a great choice for beginners. The push button that commands it to fold automatically is also a nifty feature.

Black Diamond Distance Z Running Pole

This aluminum pole is great for everyday use. With trail and snow baskets that are removable and swappable, come summer or winter, you can go out and enjoy the outdoors regardless.

Les Batons d'Alain

A single-shaft aluminum pole and is inspired by the famous Mountain Guide Alain Desez. The textured grip extends more than regular poles offering more security.

TSL Trail Carbon 4 Sky Pole

This 3-piece design folds into itself and is a compact 38cm only. The ST strap system that is adjustable makes it a great choice for any beginner looking for a running pole.