Oct 10, 2014

Gulmarg Ski Patrol in Action – Skiing in Kashmir

The Outdoor Journal team went to Gulmarg, India's top ski destination in north India, to document the Gulmarg Ski Patrol in action.


The Outdoor Journal

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Gulmarg, a town in Kashmir in north India is one of the most popular skiing destinations in the country. The Gulmarg Ski Patrol is run by J&K Tourism and brings international skills to India to keep skiers and ‘boarders safe on the big mountain, as well as raise awareness about avalanche safety skills.

The Outdoor Journal visited the Wild West of skiing in India in March 2013. Apart from shredding powder, the team documented the Gulmarg Ski Patrol in action. Watch never-before seen footage of India’s only ski rescue team during rescue drills of uncovering a (mock) buried avalanche victim, and safely descending an injured skier.

Updates: Brian Newman has been replaced by Collin Mitchell as the new Head of the Gulmarg Ski Patrol. There has been one backcountry death in Gulmarg in the last season.