Dec 02, 2016

Watch ‘Message On a Bottle’: Surfing on a Soda Bottle Surfboard

In an attempt to raise awareness on marine litter, Merijn Tinga aka Plastic Soup Surfer makes a record attempt to cross 176 km of the North Sea on a surfboard made from plastic waste.


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On 2nd September 2016, Merijn Tinga made the attempt to cross 176km of the North Sea from Scheveningen to Lowestoft on a hydrofoil kitesurfboard made entirely of littered soda bottles. He completed the journey in 8 hours 58 minutes.

The 11-minute documentary called ‘Message on a Bottle’ by filmmaker Eelke Dekker follows this journey.

Merijn Tinga is a biologist, visual artist, conservationist and surfer who focusses on creating projects to raise awareness on marine litter.

Read more about him here.

[vimeo 184845183 w=640 h=360]

Message on a Bottle from Eelke Dekker on Vimeo.

Feature image © Victor/Plastic Soup Surfer