The film follows boulderers Philippe Rivière and Dan Bates along with climber Read Macadam exploring the climbing potential of a remote canyon in the Eastern Hajar mountain range in Oman.

In February 2015 boulderers Philippe Ribière and Dan Bates visited Canadian climber and Oman resident Read Macadam at his home in the Sultanate of Oman. With word of a treasure trove of massive potential for bouldering first ascents, they explored a remote canyon high in the Eastern Hajar mountain range on the eastern-most part of Arabia.

What they discovered is world class. Get transported back to another era – where tradition reigns – an  ancient village settlement, nestled in a valley full of giant freestanding  boulders, and join them as they establish first ascents in the home of an Arabic people from another time.

Filmed by Miguel Willis

Produced and Edited by Read Macadam

Feature Image © Read Macadam (Phillipe Rivière hanging on the rope)

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