Wild (and Weird) Workouts to Change-Up Your Routine

Wild (and Weird) Workouts to Change-Up Your Routine

The holiday season (and the free pass to eat seconds) is upon us. If your normal training routine is looking a little boring and easy to skip, here are a few of the creative—borderline gimmicky—exercises to inspire you to switch it up.

Get back to nature - in movement MovNat

Erwan Le Corre, a French-born ultra runner, rock climber, free diver, grappler, and all-around athlete created MovNat as “a complete and immersive experience with the natural world”. It is a training system designed to reintroduce modern man to the natural movements and escape the overweight, overspecialized beings we’ve become. Encouraging beginners to practice first in a workshop or affiliate gym, which are located all over the world, to start to explore their body’s full range of motion, the idea is to progress to the great outdoors—crawling through bushes, climbing trees, balancing on logs and any other skills our ancestors needed to survive. [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4f5H5aCF7tQ]

Take a (yoga) hike! Hiking Yoga

Another hybrid-yoga style to add to the list, Hiking Yoga was started in San Francisco by Eric Kipp as a way to integrate his passion for exploring his city and his yoga practice. It is the perfect combination of exercise and enjoying time spent in nature. Urging you to leave your mat behind, they offer fresh air and beautiful views in the various cities Hiking Yoga has now spread to.

Photo © Hiking Yoga

Crowd surfing Crowd Surf Ready at Gymbox

This past summer, Gymbox and StubHub teamed up to offer music fanatics the ultimate preparation for festival season. Combining cardio and strength training, Crowd Surf Ready teaches you how to lift and be lifted—heavy objects and then each other. With a focus on collaboration, this is a safe and fun environment until you feel ready to make your way to the front of that mosh pit.

Gymbox and Stubhub create a festival fitness class.
Photo © Gymbox.

Become a ninja warriorBrooklyn Zoo

Even one YouTube clip of American Ninja Warrior is enough to inspire you to want to go climb something. Opening as a parkour training gym, Brooklyn Zoo offers a safe and professional setting to do just that—and much more. With a huge facility, multiple levels of unique structures and a massive trampoline, clients also get the chance to try (and progress in) breakdancing, trampoline, tumbling, tricking (a blend of flips, twists and kicks), dance, and more.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DpQJBhDRrWA]

Substitute your breakfast sandwich with a breakfast raveMorning Gloryville

Born in London in May 2013, Morning Gloryville is the pioneer of sober morning raving in hopes to bring “conscious clubbing” to the world stage—which they have succeeded at as it is now thriving in 14 cities around the world. Part exercise craze and part party, Morning Gloryville goes from 6:30am to 10:30am and empowers people to “rave their way into the day” with inspirational, energizing music, a variety of visual entertainment and even free massages, organic coffee and smoothie bars, yoga and personal motivation from trained and costumed performers. Most ‘clubbers’ are professionals who will suit up and make their way to work afterwards—what an endorphin releasing way to start your day! [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2fIrpIRcuGY]

Release your inner beastZuu Fitness

Another zoo workout on our list, Zuu Fitness was designed in Australia by Nathan Helberg and inspired by the movements of animals. The basic movements used are lunging, squatting, bending, twisting, pushing and pulling, all while mimicking animals like frogs, gorillas and bears. Seeming a little bit silly at first, these primal movements are some of the most natural for our bodies. Plus, there’s got to be some extra release from starting your day with a growl or two.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NUcJ_CWsJJE]

Have you tried any of these creative ways to workout? Do you practice any others you think should be on this list?Feature image © Catarina Alenius Jensen practicing MovNat with Matt Pepper in Gothenburg. Read about their experience here.