Adventure From Your Own Backyard (or Bed) with The Outdoor Journal Podcast

Like campfire stories of old, The Outdoor Journal Podcast takes you along on the journey to trek across Iceland, run through the Sahara and traverse the North Pole without even leaving the house.

Adventure From Your Own Backyard (or Bed) with The Outdoor Journal Podcast

Check your pulse, it's proof that you're not listening to the call your life's been issuing you, the rhythm of a line of idle days.

For the adventurous among us - the runner, the climber, the traveler - quarantine lockdown is indistinguishable from a prison sentence. Like this opening verse from John Mayer's The Great Indoors, a "line of idle days" can severely impact our physical and mental health unless we take creative steps to keep our minds and bodies fit. If you are feeling tied down, strapped in and stir-crazy, simply press play on The Outdoor Journal Podcast, and before you know it, you'll be traversing the North Pole with Mike Horn, or racing across the Sahara desert with Ray Zahab, or perhaps even wingsuit flying with Sam Hardy.

I find that the fresh air helps with my writing, which I'm fitting in while looking after my six-week-old daughter.

Is this your first time working from home? Sure, you could set up a traditional office with a desk and padded chair, or you could let your imagination run free and dust off your camping equipment to build a wild workspace that Stanley and Livingstone would be proud of. (Learn more about Rewilding practices with Natural Lifestylist Tony Riddle). Get in touch with the kid inside you who loved to build forts out of couch cushions. Add elevation to your day with inspirational interviews with the world's greatest athletes, explorers, eco-activists, conservationists and storytellers about pushing the limits of human potential in the outdoors. It is often said that our personalities are made up of the people we spend the most time with. If that's true, why not spend more time with some of the most passionate, driven and fearless people on Earth?

Setting up the tent in the living room takes me back to when I used to make forts with the couch cushions as a kid. Great memories!

Do not go quiet into quarantine. Check your pulse. Sharpen your ice-ax and grow out your beard. Subscribe to The Outdoor Journal Podcast.

From Skateboarding in a Warzone to Center Stage at the Oscars

American Director Carol Dysinger wins an Oscar for revealing the resilience of young Afghan girls with an unlikely second chance at an education. (Read more)

“Great documentaries are made of access, and sometimes access is dangerous.”

Centimeters from Death: Mike Horn on Crossing the North Pole

Fighting through total arctic darkness and running dangerously low on food, Mike Horn and Børge Ousland complete their unsupported journey across the polar ocean. (Read more)

“Sometimes there’s only one or two centimeters between you and death.”

Brave the Wild with Coyote Peterson

Coyote Peterson has survived venomous bites and the animal kingdom's most painful stings. You can catch Coyote in the new series Brave the Wild. (Read more)

“You can’t exactly go to school to learn how to catch a snapping turtle or handle a venomous snake or get up close to a grizzly bear.”

Be Here Now with Dr. Ruth Allen

Outdoor therapist Dr. Ruth Allen invites us to break through the walls of traditional therapy to be more active participants in the healing process and seek out euphoria in the outdoors. (Read more)

“There’s a lot of richness and possibility that comes alive when you bring nature into therapy”

Sam Hardy’s Angle of Attack

At 140 MPH and just feet off the ground, every flight that professional wingsuit pilot Sam Hardy takes requires a deep connection with nature and ultimate trust in his jumping partner. (Read more)

“BASE jumpers are a different breed of person.”

Stefanie Spear’s Charge for Change

A 30-year advocate for the environment and the Founder of EcoWatch takes her own maiden voyage as a sailor to the Galapagos islands on an all-women crew to move the needle on single-use plastics. (Read more)

“Right now more than ever, we need to have everyone engaged in something.”

The Kindness of Strangers with Naresh Kumar

Propelled by the kindness of strangers on his tandem bicycle, Naresh Kumar crosses continents to raise awareness of human trafficking. (Read more)

“You have to leave somewhere to go somewhere.”

A Trail of Ice and Fire with Ray Zahab

Ray Zahab seeks out vast areas of remote wilderness around the globe to explore human interconnectedness and empower students with experience-based learning. (Read more)

“Every person is capable of something extraordinary in their lives.”

Skateistan Makes it Safe to Skate

Educational NGO Skateistan launches a new campaign to highlight the need for safe spaces for at-risk children. (Read more)

“We believe in girls empowerment at all levels of our organization.”

Plastic Patrol: How One World Record Became a Global Movement

Eco-activist and paddleboard adventurer Lizzie Carr inspires a global community of citizen scientists to map plastic pollution in her crisis-fighting app. (Read more)

“We’re building an evidence base to put accountability back in the hands of those responsible.”

Slopestyle Lifestyle with Cam McCaul

A true innovator on two wheels, freeride mountain biker Cam McCaul earns his wings in a high-flying sport with his wild ability to focus and his unwavering desire to push himself to new heights. (Read more)

“It’s a hard thing for people in action sports to feel like you’re worth something after you’re done risking your life on a regular basis.”

For the Lives of Others; Ultra Running Through Hell and Back

Two brothers from Cardiff, Wales create a life of purpose by being of service to others through their extreme ultra running challenges. (Read more)

“When we grow old in life, I strongly believe that the things we will remember will be the times where we tried to improve the lives of others.” – Scott

The Human-Powered Rule: Europe to Kilimanjaro Without a Motor

A Belgian explorer embarks on the next leg of his goal to climb the world’s Seven Summits by human power alone to inspire an eco-friendly fight against climate change. (Read more)

“We should all try to take a little bit more on responsibility for how we move ourselves.”

A Trek to Prevent Iceland’s Apocalypse

In the remote Icelandic highlands, two filmmakers face a dilemma when they realize their 14-day trek across the land they are trying to protect will take twice as long as they planned. (Read more)

“No other experience could have helped us prepare for this in any way, shape or form. You’re suffering to a degree you’ve never suffered before.”

Tony Riddle: Introducing REWILD

Tony Riddle seeks out ancient, yet socially extreme practices to reconnect us to our ancestral selves and unlock our natural human biology. (Read more)

“Inside all of us is this tree climbing, cliff jumping beast.”

Introducing the Podcast with Apoorva Prasad

Undeterred by inherent risk, climber and journalist Apoorva Prasad turns his passion for the outdoors into a platform for people to read about and live out the adventures of their dreams. (Read more)

“The sound of a chopper, when you’re dying on a mountain, is possibly the most beautiful sound you’ll ever hear.”

Is your pulse racing yet? I hope you’ll feel as inspired as I do in speaking with each incredible guest to examine the psychology of performance and learn just what it takes to face your fears and come out the other side. Subscribe to The Outdoor Journal Podcast now.