Editors Letter. Issue 3. Winter 2013.

A boy stands on a rooftop, looking below.

Editors Letter. Issue 3. Winter 2013.

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He contemplates the drop. it is several times his height.

He makes a decision. He jumps into the void. there is a brief silence. Self awareness disappears and nothingness prevails. inbetween the top and the bottom of the world, before landing, in those moments of free-flight, there is a brief extinguishing inside.

Runner, rider, skier, surfer, climber, caver, we all search endlessly for that moment in time, that taste of infinity, just within our grasp. we know it exists because just once or twice, we felt it, true free- dom. the lesser samadhi, la petite mort.

We chase this moment like a drug, a path, a way beyond reality.

We started the Outdoor Journal with a lofty ambition — to be the world’s first global active lifestyle and outdoor sports magazine. But it was confirmed only at Outdoor retailer in Salt Lake City, the biggest outdoor gear expo in the world. i’d been invited to speak on the indian market, and we met the world’s top brands — from Mountain Hardwear to Arc’teryx… (which is how we test the gear you see in our pages). they love our quality, our vision and our ambition. we love their commitment and the feats their products let us achieve. Just like them, we’re made in Asia. But we’re seen the world over.