Editors Letter. Issue 5. Summer 2014.

Fight for your right, to run, cycle, swim, climb, kayak, breathe clean air and drink pure water.

Editors Letter. Issue 5. Summer 2014.

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I just came back from Bandhavgarh National Park, where after 33 years I finally saw a tiger in the wild. The experience was wonderful, involving tracking by listening out for deer and monkey calls.

I gritted my teeth as two jeeps scraped each other, metal ran on metal, and one gunned his engine resulting in a bumper getting pulled off. The tiger, surprisingly, walked across the road quite calmly while this helter-skelter was happening all around.

People ask why we don’t have pages on ecology or wildlife conservation. I reply that our interest in sustainability is in long-term action, not words. It’s easy to get preachy about how things are going wrong in the world around us. But how can we create a movement to help find a real solution? Our belief is that if you’re a runner, cyclist, hiker, climber or general outdoors enthusiast, you actually witness and are affected by climate change, by pollution, heat and dust. You desire vast green spaces, forests with hiking or cycling trails, and rocks to climb. We want to create a large-scale demand for a natural outdoors environment. So don’t just read TOJ. Get out there. Because it’s about the lifestyle.

And if enough people are doing it, I believe the world will change.