Apr 14, 2016

World Champion and 5-time Olympian Tony Philp signs up as The Outdoor Journal Ambassador

Multiple windsurfing world champion and five-time Olympian Tony Philp has officially become a Brand Ambassador for the international outdoors adventure and travel startup, The Outdoor Journal & Voyage.


Press Release

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Tony Philp. Photo sourced by: Tony Philp
Tony Philp. Photo sourced by: Tony Philp

Since becoming the youngest Olympic sailor at age 15, Tony has achieved exceptional results on the world stage in water sports. A hall of fame inductee and distinguished member of the Order of Fiji (MF), the country of his birth, he has won 13 individual windsurfing world titles in an impressive career, which includes being ranked #1 in the world by the ISAF (International Sailing Association Federation) for Olympic windsurfing in 1997.

The Outdoor Journal & Voyage is a global adventure lifestyle media and travel startup that aims to inspire and enable audiences around the world. It includes a high-end print magazine distributed across the US including the Barnes & Noble chain of bookstores; events such as Adventure Stories conducted with Taj Hotels; backed by a digital content and online strategy with videos; adventure news content, media partnerships and more. The Outdoor Voyage is an upcoming adventure travel rankings, ratings and bookings marketplace, which allows readers to then search for and book the voyages that the content inspires.

Speaking about the association, Tony Philp said: “It is both an honor and pleasure to be a part of The Outdoor Journal team. With this new millennium and all its wonderful technologies available, there is now a whole new chapter of adventure and sport travel which appeals to today’s new age travelers who are looking for new, authentic out of the box experiences. The Outdoor Journal is the conduit that will manifest this desire and communicate it to today’s travelers whose insatiable desire for the outdoors and new experiences have no boundaries”.

Founder, Editor-in-Chief & CEO Apoorva Prasad said: “To have a world champion representing our brand and its mission gives us a deep sense of pride. It makes us feel that we’re on the right track in our goal of connecting people and their passions from all corners of the world, while sharing the effort to preserve the planet that makes it possible. ‘Malaga aima’ and the spirit of ‘Aloha’– authentic kindness for the people and the land that sustains them.”

COO & Co-Founder Lorenzo Fornari said: “We couldn’t be more thrilled to welcome Tony to The Outdoor Journal team and have the opportunity to work with such an achieved athlete whose current course aligns so closely with our own. We can’t wait to see where this new partnership will lead.”

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