The Great Gear Review: The Drift Snow Helmet, Roca and Pipeline Goggles from Wildhorn Outfitters

With Wildhorn Outfitters, function meets form at a nice price, and the pros like them too!

The Great Gear Review: The Drift Snow Helmet, Roca and Pipeline Goggles from Wildhorn Outfitters

I love winter, seriously LOVE it! And after five years of working events on Beaver Creek Mountain, I have become a zealot for highly functional winter gear. After all, there are “no bad days, just bad gear,” right? Being able to function for work or play, no matter the conditions, is paramount in the winter. With that in mind, I was super excited to take some new gear up to the mountains of the Arapaho National Forest and see how they performed. Here are some details on three excellent winter products from Wildhorn Outfitters designed to enhance your next ski resort trip or backcountry excursion. By the way, Wildhorn Outfitters is an official supplier to the US Ski and Snowboard team of which I am a huge fan, so first check for the "pros" column!

Snow days are my favorite days! Be safe, see well, look good with the Drift helmet and Roca goggles. Photo credit: Shawn Curry

Wildhorn Outfitters' Drift Helmet (79.99 USD) – A good ski/snowboard helmet is an invaluable piece of gear. I believe it should fit so well that you forget that you even have it on. (Think accidentally driving home with it on.) What I like best about the Drift helmet is its low profile and super lightweight. According to the manufacturer’s specs, the Drift helmet weighs under 18 ounces, making it an average 25% lighter than competing products. Super cozy and warm (it was 12°F on the day of testing), I felt comfortable all morning. Thanks to the VNT technology- a patented adjustable temperature control ventilation system, I was warm when standing around. And with just a little slide of a lever, I could cool things when working up a sweat. Of course, safety is the most critical factor when selecting a helmet. The Drift helmet meets ASTM F2040 standards,  Nicely styled with a subtle, little visor, the Drift wins a few understated style points too. With a very affordable price point, Drift might be your new best winter friend. Just don’t forget to talk it off when you head home!

The lightweight, yet cozy Drift helmet. No more sweaty bobbleheads! Photo credit: Shawn Curry

Roca Snow Googles ($69.99) Mirrored lens and compacted curve struck me with a bit of awe when I unpacked the Roca Goggles from their sustainable, brown-paper-bag packaging. On the mountain, they did the job. Plenty of vents, so fogging was not a problem, but I did find them just a tad restrictive without the helmet when I tried them for snowshoeing. However, they were comfy when paired with the Drift helmet. I had a tiny bit of forehead gape, but I attribute that to my sample helmet being a size too big. It was a bright sunny day, so the stock Aurora Lens Tech lens worked just fine, but they might not be perfect for flat light days. If you like to match your mirrored lens to your ski outfit or even your mood, the Roca comes in a plethora of lens colors. One problem with changeable lenses is that they are generally a huge pain to change. However, Wildhorn has that solved with magnets! If there is one thing I like almost as much as winter, it is magnets. It took about 20 seconds to swap the lens, thanks to that handy bit of familiar technology. All in all, Roca goggles are another great piece of gear for the money.

The mirrored Aurora Tech scratch-resistant lens of the Roca goggles tames the ultra-bright alpine sun in head-turning style. Photo credit: Shawn Curry

Pipeline Snow Goggles (USD 89.99) – Ok, when I first unpacked these ninja warrior goggles out of their brown-paper-bag, I thought, “Whoa, this is too much goggle for me!” But, as soon as I got them paired up with their best friend, the Drift helmet, I realized there is no such thing as too much! The wide field of view and roomy face box with extra cushion makes the Pipeline so cozy and highly functional. Thanks to a large cylindrical lens and flatter, low-profile fit, Pipeline maximizes your peripheral vision as well, if not better than goggles at twice the price. I wore them with the Drift helmet, and they were perfect! I wore them with a beanie, again, perfect! They have the same magnetic changeable lens system as the Roca and a selection of lens colors to suit any light conditions. (Bye-bye, vertigo!) Yep, the Pipeline earns a place in my pack for sure.

The Pipeline goggles provide an amazing field of vision. After all, you can't ski what you can't see. Photo credit: Shawn Curry
Pipeline goggles have earned their place in my pack. Photo credit: Shawn Curry

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